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Leverage drops of utility-packed NFTs to acquire new users and convert them into loyal consumers. No data collected. No hidden agenda.

They build on the Arianee protocol

Come for the perks. Stay for the community


Distribute free tokens

through direct marketing channels (e.g. events, socials) to curious consumers and fans


Offer clear benefits

and a user-friendly experience to drive interest


Connect with NFT owners

directly through their wallets with decentralized messages


Convert them into consumers

Upsell easily

Engage consumers in their web3 wallet

“Drip is the new drop”. Engagement isn't a one-time, stale checkbox. We believe brands should aim to provide a constant flow of captivating content, services, and engagement opportunities. To turn consumers into fans. Hobbyists. Collectors.

So what can you do with wallets?

Offer incentives

Whitelisting for future drops, exclusive content, discounts, joint offers with partner brands

Direct purchases to your D2C channel

Record their engagements on-chain

Invite users to a decentralized community lounge

Airdrop loyalty rewards

Send decentralized messages

Finally, you can bid farewell to 3rd party data

Public data: Web3 data is public data stored on the blockchain and available for everyone on the network.
Increased trust: when users know that they have total control over their data, they are more likely to share it willingly.
High quality data: since zero party data is provided voluntarily by users, it is often more accurate and up-to-date than third-party data.
Improved personalization: zero party data allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ preferences and offer more relevant experiences.
Compliance with regulations: businesses can ensure that they are using data in a way that is compliant with regulations like GDPR.

How does it work?

It only takes your consumers 2 steps and under 1 minute to be onboarded.
No personal information given.

Step 1: Scan a QR code (e.g. from event, magazine, or billboard)
Step 2: Swipe to claim the NFT and get a wallet generated on the fly. No crypto needed.


Create enriched and dynamic NFTs on the NFT Management Platform, easily onboard users through the Arianee Wallet or your branded wallet, and leverage our web3 toolings to deliver the most well-rounded web3 experience for your community.

YSL Beauté

With its NFT collections, "YSL Beauty Golden Block" and "YSL Beauty Night Blocks", YSL is connecting directly with its customers and creating a thriving web3 community.