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Circularity and 1-1 communication at your fingertips

Why the EU DIGITAL product passport should be on your radar

Soon, Digital Product Passports will be made mandatory for every product in the EU.
Presented by the EU Commission in March 2022, this regulation aims to:


By utilizing Tokenized DPP (DPP constructed upon public blockchain), you can reinforce trust and scale your business operations, while also ensuring regulatory compliance and unlocking a broad spectrum of benefits: 


Upstream product information


Proof of ownership and authenticity


Product lifecycle management tool


Direct-to-consumer communication 


Interoperable loyalty


One-click claim

Easy onboard process. No crypto needed.

Enriched utilities

Personalized treatments based on user activities.

Timestamped events

Register important events in the NFT lifecycle on blockchain.

Decentralized  messages

Direct-to-wallet notifications. Fully respectful of user privacy.

Prove and transfer ownership

Easily prove ownership online and offline without disclosing personal information.

Encouraging circularity is great, but let's go the extra mile by equipping consumers with the right tool to get in on the action!

Provide transparency and traceability

Providing blockchain-verified information about the appliance's manufacturing process, materials used, and environmental impacts 
Enable consumers to make informed purchasing decisions
Get ready for EU EcoDesign regulations

Improve repairability and circularity 

Provide special offerings such as:

Provide detailed information on an appliance's design, components, and materials
Facilitate repair technicians in quickly identifying issues, leading to faster repairs, reduced costs, and less waste
Help recyclers to efficiently disassemble and sort the various components of the appliance, making it easier to recycle and recover valuable materials
Allow consumers to book services right from their wallet, follow the progress, and be alerted upon completion

Communicate directly through the wallet

Enrich the user experience with dedicated communication, including tips and tricks  
Send your consumers invitations to live events, and exclusive experiences
Offer consumers personalized benefits based on their activities

Facilitate resales 

Clients can easily resell their product on a second-hand marketplace with just a few clicks from their wallet
Product information is fetched automatically, eliminating the need for clients to fill out any forms
The product's passport records all repairs and events, providing tamper-proof traceability and increasing the resale value

Create joint loyalty offers with your partners

Collaborate with partner brands to create special packages to reward your most loyal clients
Leverage web3 interoperability to streamline the process
Expand customer base with minimal costs
Improve overall customer satisfaction by providing valuable offers and data

How does it work?

It only takes your consumers 2 steps and under 1 minute to be onboarded.
No personal information given.

Step 1: Scan a QR code in the product
Step 2: Swipe to claim the NFT and get a wallet generated on the fly. No crypto needed.


Create enriched and dynamic NFTs on the NFT Management Platform, easily onboard users through the Arianee Wallet or your branded wallet, and leverage our web3 toolings to deliver the most well-rounded web3 experience for your community.