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Enabling a traceable, transparent, and service-based automotive industry. Get ready for upcoming regulations.

Create a digital product passport for each car, and enrich the ownership experience with valuable information and next-gen services.

DISCOVER THE DIGITAL product passport customer JOURNEY

Provide reliable product information

Digitize and secure documents in a verifiable and immutable way:

Authenticity certificates
Product specifics and usage instructions
Transparency records
Proof of Ownership
Maintenance and history logs

Foster a direct and perpetual connection with customers

Through their digital passport, your clients will now have the ability to:

Connect with the brand, regardless of being primary or secondary product owners
Receive personalized communications from you (e.g. invitations to exclusive product launches)
Use their Proof of Ownership as their invitation, complete with the option of remaining anonymous
Engage with a community of fellow product line holders

Deliver high-value after-sales services

Deliver in-app notifications (e.g. maintenance reminders)
Facilitate service bookings through the wallet for insurance, buying of comptability accessories and spare parts, and resale
Streamline repair requests, progress tracking, and completion alerts within the app

Predictive maintenance

Recovering product maintenance and servicing data and displaying it in the booklet
Step-by-step service reminders and maintenance protocols sent out
Rescheduling of maintenance reminders according to user actions
Sharing of maintenance scores by product and provision of data for integration into the brand's CRM system to improve customer follow-up

Facilitate circularity

Easily list the product on a second-hand marketplace with a few wallet clicks
Automatic retrieval of product information, no manual form filing needed
Tamper-proof product passport notes repairs, events, boosting resale value
Receive real-time estimate of the cars value

Extend brand narratives with experiential content

Display images or videos capturing the noteworthy moments like new releases
Showcase your sustainable practices in sourcing and manufacturing
Offer your customer a digital representation of the car to display in their virtual garage and use in other digital spaces (e.g. metaverse, games, social media etc.)

Develop joint loyalty programs with your partners

Collaborate with partner brands to create special packages to reward your most loyal clients
Leverage blockchain interoperability to streamline the process
Expand customer base with minimal costs
Build a loyalty program with reward levels based on customer engagement


Arianee Open-Source Protocol

Unique features built for the tokenization of high-value, durable real-world assets.

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Enterprise-Grade Solutions

A suite of pre-built APIs, web services, hosting solutions, and integration toolkits to facilitate deployment without extensive development.

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End-to-End Partner Ecosystem

A robust partner ecosystem from upstream to downstream to cater to augment the utilities of digital product passports.

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