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Turn your physical products into a digital platform for meaningful engagement in every step of their lifecycle


A digital product passport (DPP) connects physical products to their digital identity, offering key info on origin, history, and ownership. DPPs serve various purposes: track & trace, authentication, and informing consumers.

As part of the EU's Green Deal, the EU Commission is introducing the Digital Product Passport Regulation (DPP), aiming for climate neutrality by 2050. This tool enhances transparency on product sustainability and promotes eco-friendly products through improved repair and recycling conditions.

This regulation encompasses any physical good that is placed on the EU market or put into service. In this sense, it impacts global trade.

Key Design Elements: 

Product-Specific Identification: The DPP must exclusively identify and be linked to products, rather than a document or a website
Global Open Standards: All standards must be open and applicable worldwide
Decentralized Data Storage: The DPP relies on a decentralized method for storing data
Need-to-Know Access: Access to DPP data is strictly based on a "need-to-know" principle. Some data will be public, while other data will have restricted access


Data Storage

Scalable data storage, deployable on-premise or in the cloud. Blockchain security. Multi-language support, expandable upon request.

Interoperability Integration

Seamless integration with enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, PIM) and industry-standard data formats.

User Access and Permissions

Multi-level user roles. SSO integration. 2FA support available.

Regulatory Compliance

Custome templates extract product-specific data to comply with local regulations.

Interactive User Interface

Allow users to easily manage passports and exploit their benefits in a dynamic interface.

Product Identity

Item and batch level granularity for DPP using internal brand IDs. Labeling DPP with off-chain tags based on attributes.

Analytics tools

Provide DPP activity insights: DPPs created, transferred, trends, message read rate. Customizable dashboards.

Direct Communications

Engage DPP owners with personalized messaging notifications, one-off or automated. Keep them informed about brand updates and passport benefits.

Private Content and Volumes

Safeguards DPP content privacy to allow only authorized access and sharing. Protect product volume.


Prove and Transfer Ownership

Generate a QR code / link time-stamped from the user interface to prove or transfer ownership of the passport.

Product Information

Blockchain-verified transparency, best practices, care guide. Rich media available: Image, video, AR, 3D visualization

History of Events

Access comprehensive product lifecycle events, including repairs, activated perks, and ownership transfers.


Confirm the product's genuine origin and ownership history.

Push notifications

Stay in direct contact with the brand and receive exclusive content or offers, even for second-hand buyers.

Seamless Access

Collect the passport in one click, and conveniently access it from your client account, wallet, or dApp.

Warranty and Insurance

Activate services from the comfort of your phone.

Lost and Found

In the event of theft, enable lost-and-found for smoother declaration and prevent resellers from listing the product.

Personalized Feed

Receive relevant product recommendations depending on your preferences.


Allow consumers to book services through the passport. Follow the progress with real-time updates and receive notifications upon completion.


Offer data on product condition and maintenance history; get valuation assistance; connect to resale platforms.


Access exclusive content an privileges based on your token holdings.

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How does it work?


From various fragmented data sources, all product data is aggregated and organized within a single data hub. Everything in reach. Every piece of information tracked and organized.

Compatibility for deployment in either cloud-based or on-premises environments.


By scanning a QR code, users are directed to an intuitive web app where they can read product transparency details and act on the passport. Ensuring compliance with regulation requirements and facilitating informed decision-making.


Take it a step further! Allow users to collect the passport and convenient access it from their client account or wallet for personalized services and utilities

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