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Lacoste: Digital product passports and a token-gated drop of physical products

Lacoste introduce digital product passports after deploying a token-gated drop of physical products through a whitelisting process on an NFT store.


Brand description

Lacoste is a French clothing brand founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier. Lacoste is primarily known for its high-quality polo shirts, which are often seen as a symbol of preppy style, but the brand also offers a range of other clothing items, footwear, leather goods, and fragrances. The company is currently owned by Swiss holding company Maus Frères.

Brand goals

- To deepen its relationship with its existing web3 community by offering them exclusive access to its merchandise

- To create an immersive and personalized experience that strengthens the sense of community among its customers

- To leverage the utility of their UNDW3 card (the membership token of the brand) by adding unique content and exclusive experiences to it



“Our eyes only see part of the world around us. With Lacoste UNDW3, don't stop on the surface... and boldly explore the unknown.” This represents the core philosophy of the brand's web3 initiative. UNDW3, an innovative initiative by Lacoste, revolutionizes the Lacoste customer journey as an intersection of technology and fashion.

By becoming a part of the UNDW3 community, fans actively shape the future of Lacoste. It's a collaborative journey that unites all crocodile devotees at the crossroads of the physical and digital worlds. Participants can embark on quests and climb the leaderboard, and gain access to unique experiences.

In June 2022, Lacoste released 11,212 Genesis Pass NFTs that function as golden tickets that grant access to UNDW3. One year later, the pass evolved and became the UNDW3 Card.

What can you unlock with it? It provides access to "The Mission," the UNDW3 Wardrobe, the UNDW3 Factory (designed to facilitate co-designing of Lacoste pieces), and grants tickets to events such as the Miami Open and the French Open.

Let’s have a look at the collaborations of Lacoste and Arianee.

In a step towards this vision, Lacoste partnered with Arianee. This collaboration kicked off with an exclusive release of 350 products, available only to eligible members of the UNDW3 community after a whitelisting process.


Following the initial release, Lacoste and Arianee unveiled a token-gated virtual store experience in December, seamlessly integrating the Arianee’s wallet connect tool and token gating engine. This innovative integration elevated the user experience, allowing a smooth and secure connection to the virtual store. 

Customers entering the virtual store were greeted by a unique immersive experience, passing through a crocodile’s mouth, immediately being immersed in the brand. This store developed in collaboration with Emperia, is a testament to Lacoste’s creativity, provides an immersive experience for UNDW3 holders. 

The store showcased five exclusive seasonal products and one token-gated room, one of which was exclusive to holders of the UNDW3 Card within the UNDW3 community. 

This operation was a success, enhancing brand engagement with creativity, conversation, and gaming. It allowed consumers to collect loot boxes throughout December, which contained prizes, incentivizing them to keep coming back for new surprises and promoting a sense of exclusivity and community within the VIP room.


Following on the success of the token-gated store, Arianee continues to enrich Lacoste’s latest drop with the addition of digital product passports, providing its community with a novel fashion experience. 

The Factory Drop, a limited-edition collection, resulted from a creative collaboration between the UNDW3 community and Lacoste’s designers.

When users connect their wallet to the brand's web3 merchandise e-commerce store, they gain exclusive access to the product drop. Furthermore, each product they purchase includes a digital product passport, accessible from a QR code found on a card alongside their purchase.

The Factory drop, exclusive to UNDW3 card holders, was created in collaboration with the UNDW3 community and the Lacoste designers. Each product came with its own digital product passport.

Scanning the QR code leads to an intuitive web app where users explore product transparency and history. They can interact with immersive features immediately and later choose to manage the passport in the Arianee Wallet or any other preferred web3 wallet. Unique features include Event Timestamping, Decentralized Messaging, Prove/Transfer Ownership.

It's worth noting that this passport is an asset that will continually evolve over time as the brand incorporates additional enhancements and utilities into it, ensuring an ever-enriched user experience.

NFT and token gating underpin “the concept of digital memory but also that of qualification”, according to Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel (Arianee’s CEO).

The Factory Drop designed in collaboration with the UNDW3 community and Lacoste designers.

Visit the store here:

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