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Lacoste deployed a token-gated drop of physical products through a whitelisting process on an NFT store.


Brand description

Lacoste is a French clothing brand founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier. Lacoste is primarily known for its high-quality polo shirts, which are often seen as a symbol of preppy style, but the brand also offers a range of other clothing items, footwear, leather goods, and fragrances. The company is currently owned by Swiss holding company Maus Frères.

Brand goals

- To deepen its relationship with its existing web3 community by offering them exclusive access to its merchandise

- To create an immersive and personalized experience that strengthens the sense of community among its customers


Lacoste and Arianee joined forces to advance the Lacoste web3 community's journey. The partnership involved an exclusive release of 350 products, available only to eligible members of the UNDW3 community after a whitelisting process.

This was followed by the launch of a token-gated virtual store powered by Arianee, offering UNDW3 holders a unique immersive experience.

The virtual store was developed by Emperia and showcased Lacoste's creativity in a unique way, with each user having a bespoke experience. Customers were taken through a crocodile's mouth and immediately immersed in the brand.

The store featured five exclusive seasonal products and two token-gated rooms, one of which was exclusive to VIP customers in Lacoste's UNDW3 community, who held a Lacoste NFT.

The collaboration enabled customers to collect loot boxes throughout December, which contained prizes and exclusive offers. This incentivized customers to keep coming back for new surprises and promoted a sense of exclusivity and community within the VIP room.

The collaboration allowed Lacoste to engage and upsell its community by linking its token-gated technologies to another immersive ecosystem, thanks to the interoperability of Arianee's solutions.

Visit the store here:

Customer Benefit(s)