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Empowering sustainable product lifespan

A predictive maintenance system empowers users, saves costs and streamlines customer service. Acting as the digital hub, the e-maintenance booklet centralizes user engagement and supports sustainability by promoting proper maintenance and easing transitions for second-hand or end-of-life processes.


Activate e-maintenance booklet

Streamlined onboarding within the client account

Enjoy enriched utilities

User instructions, product history, additional accessories

Receive predictive maintenance alerts

Notifications for upcoming maintenance; step-by-step instructions

Get real-time updates

Easily track the various maintenance stages, and visualize each step

Time-stamped events

Upon validated maintenance, record the service history on-chain

Encourage circularity is great, but let's go the extra mile by equipping consumers with the right tool to get in on the action!

Seamless Access

Scan QR code for instant access to the e-maintenance booklet in client account, automatically enriched for easy storage of new booklets.
Users retain control over their service books and can transfer them to new owners in the event of resale.
The brand ensures secure wallet storage, promoting adoption and guaranteeing the safety of customer keys.
Arianee facilitates no-cost transfers and inherent interoperability.

Transparency and Traceability

Access detailed product information, including best practices, repair history, and warranty details.
Enhance information with media content, such as augmented reality and videos.
Explore material origin, transparency, and maintenance practices
The brand has the flexibility in determining the type and amount of information shared.

Maintenance repair history

Enriched service logs with detailed maintenance history, recorded by users or brand teams, providing proof of services linked to the product.
Private and content-rich events in multiple languages with support for external links and multimedia content.
Users can transfer their e-maintenance booklet's history to the new owner.
Brands can use history data to enhance the understanding of program user and effectiveness.

Personalized push notifications

Establish a direct channel with consumers through personalized push notifications in their e-maintenance booklets.

Share external links for user guidance and community engagement, including exclusive offers for brand loyalty.
Provide tailored maintenance recommendations based on product conditions.
Leverage the Arianee solution to segment consumers, depending on product type, condition, and maintenance logs.
Automate push notifications for efficient interactions.

Complementary services

The e-maintenance booklet's API infrastructure enables scalability with seamless addition of new services.
Consumers can easily enhance their client accounts with events, benefits, and services.
These open-source, interoperable technologies allow third-party services from partners.



Create and supervise e-maintenance booklets, communite with the product owners, and analyze ownership data.  


Enable users to collect the e-maintenance booklet through supercharged client accounts, unlocking personalized services and engagement.



Circularity and 1-1 communication at your fingertips


Connect to collect your digital product passport and experience the Arianee seamless process.