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A new opus in the Black Opium NFT saga with a daring artistic collaboration by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty

Ysl beauty campaign

On March 6th, YSL Beauty reveals the second chapter of its web3 campaign "Black Opium The Night is Ours" with the launch of "YSL Beauty Night Masters" digital collectibles. Designed by three inspiring female artists, this ultra-exclusive collection unveils three original designs, each minted in 100 copies. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to NGO partners of the brand's Abuse Is Not Love program.


YSL Beauty is back with female artists after their first web3 initiative in 2022 with DJs Agathe Mougin and Kittens. This time the brand, which has always advocated for female empowerment, has invited three visual artists with a unique, experimental spirit to give their own interpretation of the Black Opium night. Respected web3 creators Ivona Tau, Laura Sills, and Natalie Amrossi have been charged with infusing their creative spin into the world of fragrance.

Amplifying the night through the lens of Artificial Intelligence with Ivona Tau

MTArt Artist Dr. Iona Tau is a generative A.I. artist and researcher who works with artificial intelligence as a medium in experimental photography and motion painting. "By processing my own experiences with machine learning, I hope to create universal memories no longer tied to a moment in time and space. I use code and Al to look at the world differently and spot patterns hiding in data."

Magnifying urban dusk with Laura Sills

Laura Sills is a bold cityscape and street photographer based in New York who features an intense and elevated palette of hues to add a touch of surrealism to her work. "Taking photos reminds me that even in repetition there will always be variance. No matter how many times I revisit a spot, I can never take the same photograph twice. Both this city and my perspective and interpretation of it will continually be evolving."

Revealing the city from the sky with Natalie Amrossi

Natalie Amrossi is an aerial photographer who specializes in capturing gravity-defying shots from above to evoke sensory experiences. "The beauty of the night is undeniable, especially from the sky. I wanted to get a visual from an open-door helicopter so viewers can feel a sensory overload and be a part of this unforgettable and thrilling experience."

Each of the artists were selected by Yves Saint Laurent Beauty because their artistic style had a strong cohesion with the theme of the drop - the night - and their use of color and contrast works well in the territory of the Black Opium franchise. Additionally, over the last few years, they have earned credibility within the web3 world, notably by launching their own respective NFT collections.


Always keen to be a pioneer and to embrace change, YSL Beauty Is driving forward with a next-gen loyalty program powered by webs. Thanks to this program, which aims at engaging the brand's community over the long term, members will have access to exclusive benefits and previews as well as new content and experiences throughout the year.

As part of this second opus of the Black Opium saga, holders of "YSL Beauty Night Masters" digital collectibles will be offered the following utilities:

  • A premium metal print of the design
  • A Black Opium set containing two 30ml bottles of both Black Opium Eau de Parfum and the new Black Odium Le Partum
  • More surprises to be revealed by the end of the year

On March 6th, "YSL Beauty Blocks"* holders and selected token holders on the POOLS** platform will have an exclusive access to the private sale of the "YSL Beauty Night Masters" collection, followed by a public sale on March 8th. The sale will take place on the, a platform developed with Arianee, the leading web3 consumer engagement platform for brands.

. The collectibles are priced at 0.2 ETH each, and will be available via blind mint.


*The "YSL Beauty Blocks" NFT collection consists of "Golden Blocks", "Pride Blocks" and the newly-launched "Night Blocks." The collection is available on Opensea:

**YSL Beauty is partnering with POOLS, a decentralized social token platform, to allowlist 100 of its $00 token holders for the private sale. The brand had previously collaborated with POOLS on its June 2022 operation with DIs Agathe Mougin and Kittens.

As the brand's first paid drop, all profits from the sale will be donated to three non-profit organizations which are partners of Abuse Is Not Love, YSL Beauty's global program to prevent and fight against intimate partner violence. The three NGOs that the artists have selected are "It's On Us" in the USA, "Profem" in the Czech Republic and "ADAPT" in South Africa***.


In the age of Web3. Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has made it its mission to connect with its communities around the world by pushing the limits of creativity and technology. The brand is committed to rewarding their loyalty by offering them exclusive experiences and unique activations in partnership with the best web3 players. At the same time, these initiatives support YSL Beauty's commitment to preventing and fighting against intimate partner violence, by offering visibility or financial support to its "Abuse is Not Love" program.


Abuse Is Not Love is YSL Beauty's global program to prevent and fight against IPV (intimate partner vIolence), the most common form of violence against women. In the course of her life, Tin 3 women will be a victim of sexual, physical, psychological or financial violence by a partner. This program raises awareness of the warning signs of violence in order to prevent it from escalating, especially among young people (16-24 years old), who are the most vulnerable and the most likely to experience it. The program is based on 4 pillars that allow for a global approach to the fight against abuse: 1) support for prevention actions by local NGOs in each of the markets where the brand is present, 2) raising awareness among 100% of YSL Beauty employees worldwide, 3) development of thought leadership, 4) large scale awareness campaigns to educate the general public. Today, the program is active in 25 markets and aims to reach 2 million people worldwide by 2030. Join the fight and take our training on


MTArt Artist Ivona Tau is a photographic artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence (AI) who uses the power of AI to create experimental photographs based on her own sho's. With 15 years of experience in photography and AI research, she has received multiple awards for the quality of her work at Digital Ars 2020, and Art Forum 2021. She was also named one of the Top 10 women in AI in 2022 by the Women in Tech Foundation.


Laura Sills is a photographer and NFT artist based in New York, USA, whose style is characterized by urban landscape shots. Her style can be described as romantic with a touch of surrealism. She is best known for her varied pink and purple tones that reflect the rose-coloured glasses through which many people view life in New York. She is also involved in the business world where she has helped develop and scale several startups.


Natalie Amrossi, also known as "Misshattan", is an artist who is known for her aerial shots of New York City, USA. After initially starting her professional career in the finance sector, she decided to devote herself to her passion for photography. Her artistic work has been recognised by publications in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Vogue. In 2022 she was selected by Instagram to be the first artist to authenticate one of her works thanks to the NFT feature of the platform. A consecration after the sell out of her NFT collection entitled "Flight Club" released in 2021.

***All information about the drop can be found on the project page and on the official YSL Beauty social platforms: @yslbeauty on Instagram, @yslbeauty on Twitter


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