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Arianee launches its partner program to create a stronger web3 ecosystem and welcomes Wunderman Thompson as a first member

Arianee launches its partner program to create a stronger web3 ecosystem and welcomes Wunderman Thompson as a first member

Paris, FRANCE, November 29th, 2022–  Arianee, the leading web3 solutions platform for brands, is accelerating its development strategy. The platform is now launching the Arianee Partner Program, a program bringing together various partners & companies from consulting to communication and tech.

Wunderman Thompson, part of the WPP group, is the first agency to join this program. Wunderman Thompson is a leading innovator in the web 3 space, providing effective solutions to clients around the world as part of its global mission to inspire growth for ambitious brands.

Founded in 2018,  Arianee combines an Association - Arianee Project - gathering major brands and tech companies around its open source protocol & a tech company - Arianee SAS - focused on developing and distributing the most advanced software as a service platform based on the Arianee open source blockchain technology.

Committed to continuing its ambition to reinvent a new digital relationship between brands and community. Arianee is extending its offer through simple solutions leveraging web3 technologies. In addition to Arianee Project, the platform is launching a partner program providing partner companies exclusive benefits. The Arianee Partner Program will bring together a group of qualified players that will play a key role in the success of web3 projects for brands. Each of these partners, from consulting companies to marketing agencies and technological solutions, will provide brands with their expertise and savoir-faire at each step of the brand transition journey to web3.

Through this program, Arianee pursues its mission: enabling brands to reinvent their customer relationship with the most seamless and innovative experience, from digital to physical to the metaverse.
The partnership program is structured around 3 pillars:

  • Innovation: technological tools for partner companies to help them develop new web3 offers based on the Arianee protocol and its solutions
  • Growth: offering financial benefits to our partner companies and creating new sources of revenue for them through our joint web3 offers.
  • Excellence: developing high-performance, quality services and tools adapted and personalized to the needs of each partner company and brand

To launch this Partner Program, Arianee is teaming up with Wunderman Thompson (WPP group). Both already collaborated for YSL Beauty’s first steps into web3. In June 2022, the L'Oréal group brand launched its first NFT collection coming with a branded wallet exclusively designed for its community. Sold out in less than 24 hours, this 10K YSL Beauty Golden Blocks drop (minted on Polygon thanks to the Arianee protocol) is considered as one of the most promising cases of web3 for brands today. Now, more than 24k users are owning these NFTs allowing them to access exclusive experiences, whitelisting for NFT drops, all while keeping their personal data private.

Virgile Brodziak, Managing Director of Wunderman Thompson, France adds: “Web3 is a marketing revolution, the most interesting of the last 10 years. As part of our global mission to inspire growth for ambitious brands, we are committed to being a leader in this innovative new space. This requires building an ecosystem of trusted partners. Arianee is a pioneer and a leader and it was natural for us to join the Partner Program.”

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Co-Founder and CEO of Arianee:  “With the Arianee Partner Program, we are proud to take part in building and consolidating a powerful and sustainable web3 partner ecosystem. Wunderman Thompson is a major ally with whom we had the pleasure of running together YSL Beauty's first steps into web3. We naturally thought about them to join our program.”

Set to grow very rapidly, the Arianee Partner Program also enables Arianee to meet the growing demand from brands. Ultimately, its role will be to bring together as many partners with diverse and innovative expertise as possible, convince brands of web3 benefits, and support them in their first steps toward web3.


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