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Arianee partners with POAP to make proof of attendance tokens accessible to all

Arianee partners with POAP to make proof of attendance tokens accessible to all

Paris, FRANCE, November 8th, 2022–  Arianee, the leading web3 solutions platform for brands, and POAP, the world standard platform for the proof of attendance. announced their partnership today. Together they will make proof of attendance accessible to everyone, crypto native or newcomer.

From now on, brands will be able to mint POAP badges directly from the Arianee NFT Management platform. Users will now be able to mint their POAP on a wallet address generated on the fly for them from the scan of the POAP X Arianee QR code. They will be able to store, read, display and proof their POAP in all Arianee-compatible wallet interfaces*.

A partnership to make proof of attendance accessible to all

Over the past few years, POAP has become a standard within the web3 space for proof of attendance. These NFTs are given out to anyone to prove their presence at an event or any engaging activity, whether it took place virtually or physically. Arianee & POAP are now teaming up to keep boosting massive adoption. Both tech pioneers have been issuing NFTs tied to specific moments. They believe digital proof of attendance can create a new foundation for brands to build unique experiences for their community and bridge the gap between digital and IRL.
POAP Studio, the official agency, is working to bring proof of attendance to real use cases and the mainstream industries around the world along with Arianee.

Enhancing interoperability & UX to onboard the next billion users

Through this partnership, we are enhancing the POAP experience for new users and offering the most advanced POAP visualization interface. Upon scanning a QR code or receiving a link, users will be able mint a POAP on a wallet address generated on the fly.

Users will preview, read and visualize the content of their POAP on an Arianee-compatible wallet. It will be stored in a secure way in a dedicated “POAP collection" section in the app.

This operation also marks one of the first NFT Multichain visualizations ever done for POAP. Users will now be able to see their POAP badges in the same gallery as their other NFTs minted on Polygon & with the Arianee Protocol, without switching networks.

Eventually, any brand using the Arianee NFT Management Platform will be able to mint POAPs without any additional costs, in addition to Arianee Enriched NFTs. The process remains as simple as any other NFT minted on the Arianee platform. Since its launch in 2018, over 812,632 NFTs have been minted on the Arianee platform and more than 60,986 decentralized messages sent.


Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & co-founder of Arianee adds: “POAP and Arianee have the same vision on decentralization, web3 mass adoption, NFT use cases and we have been working side by side for a long time. It seems today only logical that our solutions can mint and display POAP, the standard for proof of attendance. Our goal is to always simplify access to web3 for brands and their communities.“

Lucas Verra, co-founder of POAP Studio said: “Arianee & POAP tightening their integrations is only a natural step where collaboration is trending in the web3 and NFTs ecosystem. More and more brands and leaders are choosing trusted  partnerships like this one as the favorite way to onboard, educate, and create bonds with their community.”

*The arianee compatible interfaces: Wallet, YSL beauty wallet, IWC Wallet, Moncler, Breitling, and Vacheron custodial wallets.


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