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Arianee Raises €20m Series A, Led by Tiger Global

Arianee Raises €20m Series A, Led by Tiger Global
  • Arianee, the leading end to end web3 solution for brands, has raised a €20M Series A led by Tiger Global.
  • Bpifrance, ISAI, Noia Capital and Cygni Capital, who were already involved in the last round of financing, are once again backing Arianee. Commerce Venture and Motier Ventures are also joining the round.
  • Arianee continues its mission: enabling brands to reinvent their customer relationship with the most seamless and innovative experience from digital to physical to the metaverse.
  • The round is a mix investment of equity in Arianee’s SaaS solution and $ARIA20 token powering the Arianee open source protocol.

Paris, May 10th 2022 - Arianee, the leading web3 solutions platform for brands, today announced that it has raised its €20M Series A funding round led by Tiger Global. Bpifrance, ISAI, Cygni Labs and Noia Capital, Arianee's existing investors, have renewed their support by participating in this second round. They are joined by Commerce Venture and Motier Ventures.

Web3 is a unique opportunity for companies and individuals to regain control over their digital presence, especially their data. It’s the time for businesses to free themselves from the dependency on big platforms and lead new usage and innovation.

Since 2018, Arianee’s ambition has been to disrupt CRM by leveraging web3 technologies. Its mission is to provide businesses with simple solutions to build direct-to-consumer relationships, respectful of user data, and independent from big tech platforms.

Arianee is an end to end web3 solution built to create, distribute and interact with NFTs. The platform and products enable brands to tokenize, distribute and leverage value through NFTs.

The range of technological solutions developed by Arianee has enabled the startup to become a globally recognized reference. Arianee's platform, built on its open source protocol, is used in a wide range of industries and by major brands such as Printemps, Breitling, Groupe Casino, Vacheron Constantin, Paris Fashion Week, Panerai and IWC. Its SaaS platform allows brands to create enriched NFTs packed with exclusive and unique features (Airdrop claim, CRM, time-stamping, transparency, AR, metaverse deployment, etc) and distribute them to all kinds of audiences, crypto native or not, with seamless consumer journeys, from physical to digital redeem, from claim to drop, free to auction. Its architecture has been built to fit the integration needs of enterprises’ information systems and its end user interface solutions are designed to be fully embedded within each brand's user journeys with white label and SDK options.

Since 2000, the retail and distribution sectors have undergone unprecedented changes with new practices emerging. The digitization of customer relations, the circular economy, transparency, traceability and responsible consumption have become key issues for today’s consumers.

The emergence of new distribution channels has reinforced this strong trend: besides the traditional physical and digital channels used by brands to establish and maintain the relationships with their customers, new immersive channels in the metaverse are now added. Web3 is considered one of the biggest opportunities for brands since the creation of the Internet. With Arianee's solutions, they can build their token and wallet real estate and create paths for their communities to move seamlessly from one world to another, from physical to digital to immersive.

The company, whose staff has tripled since its last funding round in March 2021, currently has more than 50 clients and partners (including IBM and the metaverse The Sandbox) in Europe and North America. With this new round of financing, Arianee is looking to accelerate its international presence by growing its New York office, recruiting new talent and continuing the development of its products and services.

“We are thrilled to welcome one of the most influential global investors to our journey and to see our historical partners continue to back us. The structure of the investment in both equity & $ARIA20 token shows how a diverse global range of investors, from Bpifrance to Tiger Global, is willing to invest on open source and SaaS web3 solutions. Web3 is eating the world and we believe brands can leverage this revolution to regain control of their digital presence. We also want to build for each and every user and not just for a minority. This requires robust and seamless tools and interfaces allowing communities to move from one world to another, from physical to digital to immersive.””

— Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & co-founder Arianee

“As a web3 pioneer, Arianee has developed innovative solutions that are reinventing customer relationship management. We are excited to support Arianee’s development and believe they are well positioned to become a leading global web3 solution for brands.”

— Griffin Schroder, Tiger Global

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