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Arianee raises €8m euros

  • Available in SaaS and Open Source, Arianee's technology is deeply transforming the relationships between luxury & retail brands and their customers.
  • The Arianee platform enables the creation of a digital passport for each object, guaranteeing its authenticity, securing its resale, and allowing brands to maintain a perpetual relationship with the product owner and a history of the associated transactions.
  • ISAI fund, the French Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance), Cygni Labs, and Noia Capital funds are investing in Arianee alongside some of the most successful Frenchtech entrepreneurs.
  • At the forefront of blockchain-based solutions, Arianee uses NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), a technological standard for digital valuables, and a utility token, the Aria20, to which all investors in the round are exposed in addition to equity.


  • Paris, 11 March 2021 – Launched in 2017 by several entrepreneurs in the luxury and blockchain spaces, Arianee, global specialist in the digital certification of valuables, announces that it has closed its seed round with a total amount raised of €8 million. This round, which brings together leading French investors in the tech and blockchain industries - Bpifrance, Isai, Cygni Labs, Noia Capital - as well as a number of the most successful Frenchtech entrepreneurs (Thibaud Elziere, Jonathan Cherki, Jonathan Benhamou, Clément Buyse, among others), confirms the vision and relevance of Arianee's model. With this funding, Arianee will be able to meet growing demand from brands and develop its technology to promote a "reinvented customer relationship": transparent, traceable, secure, sustainable, and respectful of privacy.

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