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Ba&sh launches resell service with Arianee

Ba&sh launches resell service with Arianee
  • The retail fashion brand will be offering its consumers the chance to give their past purchases a second life. In one click and directly from ba&sh’s website consumers will be able to sell their items.
  • Each item resold will be allocated a digital identity certificate, registered on a blockchain and generated by Arianee. This certificate will bring trust and efficiency to the transaction offering a simple and secure solution for both sellers and buyers, fully respectful of their personal data.
  • The resell process will be handled via Reflaunt’s circular technology.

Paris, December 11th, 2019 — Committed to a sustainable innovation process and convinced of the importance of responsible shopping, retail fashion brand ba&sh is joining the Arianee consortium and will integrate Reflaunt’s innovative resale solution to support its clients’ new habits on second hand and clothing resell.

On one hand, the protocol developed by Arianee gives to each object a digital, inalterable and augmented identify that is secure and private by design. On the other hand, Reflaunt’s solution is offering a revolutionary solution to retail brands by offering them a digital service enabling their consumers to instantly resell their past purchases on multiple marketplaces.

ba&sh is therefore the first brand worldwide to implement an integrated resale solution supported by blockchain. This innovation is a testimony of ba&sh’s involvement in a global movement to encourage a more sustainable shopping approach, by encouraging people to extend the life of their products.

Starting April 2020, ba&sh will offer to their clients the possibility to resell items they previously bought — from the brand’s previous collections directly from its ecommerce website

Technically, Reflaunt will develop a resale feature which will take the form of a ‘resell’ button in ba&sh customers’ on-line accounts. A client wishing to resell an article from a past collection will be able to activate this feature in one click. In doing so, an Arianee digital identity certificate will be generated and will support the resale process set up. The item will then be easily and securely offered for sale on different second marketplaces simultaneously. Once the resale transaction has been completed, the item’s digital identity certificate will be transferred to the new owner who will have the guarantee that he/she purchased an authentic item and who will be able to be in contact with the brand anonymously.

This new service will considerably facilitate the resale process for ba&sh’s consumers. Such process which would normally be tedious, now requires just one click. Customers no longer needs to sort their items, find the best price, and above all prove the authenticity of the products. The simultaneous listing on several marketplaces, will improve the resell process making it faster, and more likely to happen.

“Creativity, service and responsibility are at the heart of ba&sh’s missions and values. The second-hand market can have a fantastic impact and the sustainability issue of our industry and it also represents a great business opportunity. We want to offer seamless and innovative services to our customers so that they can shop differently and more sustainably with us. We are happy and proud to be launch new initiatives and support disruptive business models by joining the Arianee Consortium and integrating the Reflaunt solution. This is part of our digital transformation and sustainable innovation strategy.”

— Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, Global CEO ba&sh

“By combining Arianee’s technology which generates digital identities in a simple and secure way with the Reflaunt solution, we are opening a new communication channel with our customers. We are proposing a ground-breaking feature to our community and are expanding our services by allowing our clients to resell their purchases directly from online account on to most second-hand platforms. This innovative technology project answers a strong need of our consumers and contributes to the company’s digital innovation and sustainability strategy.”

— Alexandra Nervi, Chief Digital Officer ba&sh

“We are very pleased to welcome ba&sh and Reflaunt among Arianee’s members and to develop this project with them. This is typical of what technology can bring to a sector such as Fashion which needs to rethink how it can adopt more responsible practices and align itself with the values of a new generation of consumers. The integration of Reflaunt and Arianee’s solutions enables ba&sh to implement cutting-edge innovations and to rethink its customer relationships while engaging in an innovative sustainable economy on a second-hand market which is developing 24-times faster than traditional retail markets. Our open source protocol is specifically built to make it easy to create and manage digital identities to ultimately add more value to brands and clients.”

— Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel

“Reflaunt enables brands and retailers to work with second-hand platforms to create an integrated resale ecosystem and eliminate the main existing inefficiencies of the second-hand market. Reflaunt enables ba&sh to monitor their secondary market and tackle counterfeiting via blockchain technology. But above all, by actively participating in our new shopping model, ba&sh is committed to and endorses the quality and durability of their items.”

— Stéphanie Crespin, CEO Reflaunt

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