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Breitling is now certified on blockchain

  • From October 13, 2020, all new Breitling watches will be delivered with a blockchain-based digital passport, secured by Arianee technology, to ensure their authenticity and seamless accessibility.
  • In just one scan and one click, watch owners can access Breitling’s new digital sphere thanks to blockchain technology, which provides digital security and proof of ownership.
  • With a fully anonymous access mode enabled, Breitling’s digital passport creates a new paradigm in customer relations, providing complete and unrestricted service to the watch owner.
  • Breitling is laying the groundwork for a comprehensive customer service platform built around its watches. This enhanced service benefits watch owners, who now have access to essential information, repair-tracking guarantees, and very soon can subscribe to an insurance for theft or loss.

Paris, October 13, 2020 - As the first luxury watch brand to extend digital blockchain technology to all of its watches, Breitling is transforming blockchain innovation through a service available to everyone. All of Breitling’s watches produced after October 13 include a digital passport with blockchain – secured by the Arianee protocol – that allows owners to prove the authenticity of their products and the legitimacy of their ownership.

Beyond ensuring the authenticity of each product, the digital passport is at the heart of a new ecosystem of digital services for Breitling watch owners. The passport is automatically connected to Breitling’s digital warranty program powered by Dentsu Tracking, and it also allows owners to initiate and track any repairs to the watch, and soon to extend the warranty period and subscribe to an insurance for theft or loss.

At the heart of Breitling’s vision lies the possibility for watch owners to control their personal data and to remain anonymous, without missing out on an innovative and symbiotic brand–customer relationship in the luxury industry. The protocol developed by Arianee offers a fixed digital identity that is unique to each product, with blockchain technology ensuring airtight security and privacy.

“The successful launch of the Top Time last March underlined how many benefits Breitling owners could get through a sustained relationship with the brand. This is why, as of today, we are offering the Breitling digital passport with every new Breitling watch without exception!”

— Georges Kern, CEO Breitling

“Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do, so it goes without saying that we will continue to offer additional services to Breitling owners with absolute security and a complete respect for privacy. This is truly what brand innovation should be in 2020: transforming the relationship with our

— Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital and Technology Officer Breitling:

“Our ambition is to give Breitling the opportunity to develop its own service economy and to transform their customer relationships by proposing a more circular, transparent model for their products.”

— Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel

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