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Buffet Crampon, World Leader in Professional Clarinets, Equips its instruments with "Digital Passports" in Collaboration with Arianee

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As for September 21st, Buffet Crampon will be the first manufacturer of top-of-the-range musical instruments to equip itself with digital passports giving access to a series of exclusive services and unique experiences.

This digital passport - forgery-proof, secure and transferable - acts as proof of ownership for musicians. In addition to protecting each clarinet, this passport gives access to the instrument's complete history and its warranty, as well as to a whole range of advantages and unique services such as:

- priority access to Buffet Crampon maintenance services* (excluding Germany)
- access to exclusive offers and events (private Masterclasses, the Buffet Crampon 200th Anniversary Concert, Visits to the historic Buffet Crampon workshops in Mantes la Ville),
- and, from 2024, access to the "Buffet Crampon Trade" platform, which will enable musicians to resell their instrument while assuring the buyer of its condition, maintenance and authenticity.

Available on the Tosca, Légende, Divine, BCXXI and limited series ranges (Clarinets in Mopane, Boxwood, etc.), each digital passport is easily accessible to musicians. To obtain one, simply request it via a customer account, or scan the QR code found inside the clarinet case.

This innovative system, unprecedented for a musical instrument manufacturer, has been made possible by Arianee, the first blockchain-based digital passport solutions platform.With this, their first foray into the world of music, Arianee is continuing to demonstrate their commitment to building high added-value, real-world use cases, exploiting all the benefits of a digital passport:

● providing proof of digital ownership of a physical product

● providing access to information relating to the product's life cycle
● building a series of exclusive services and unique experiences based on the possession of a proof of ownership issued by the brand
● creating a direct relationship between the brand and its customers

"Buffet Crampon has been thinking about a loyalty programme for its professional range customers for some time, but we wanted to associate the web3 dimension with it in one way or another, and Arianee seemed to us to be the best company to support us in this approach," says Jérôme Perrod - Chairman of the Buffet Crampon Group.

"Musicians have a unique bond with their instrument. Arianee's solutions will enable Buffet Crampon to establish direct and confidential contact with the owners of their instruments, while using each digital passport as a new tool for engaging customer relations," adds Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & Co-Founder of Arianee.

*In Japan this service is only available for repairs of instruments out of warranty carried out by Buffet Crampon Japan Technical Support.

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