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Dentsu Tracking & Arianee join forces


PARIS & GENEVA, July 15, 2020 - Arianee is proud to announce the addition of Dentsu Tracking, a brand of the Dentsu Aegis Network, as a partner member of its consortium. Adding Dentsu Aegis Network to the Arianee consortium will mean access to a brand network of over 70,000 employees in 145 countries, with expertise covering the full area of digital transformation from supply-chain to digital marketing and CRM.

This membership will mean new scale opportunities to bring Transparency, Traceability, and Tradability across the entire customer journey. Global Dentsu Aegis clients include BMW, Breitling, Burberry, Richemont, and Diageo, bringing a deep network experience in luxury and high-value goods. Dentsu Tracking is a specialist brand headquartered in Geneva and focused on supply-chain transformation and digitization, with a proven portfolio of digital identity solutions delivered at scale in different industries.

The company currently operates a global platform for traceability with over 30 billion products and 150 billion events worldwide. Leveraging this experience will bring a disruptive approach to supply-chain innovation and digital transformation for the luxury business and high-value product sector.

“The integration of the Arianee open source protocol and SaaS solutions by Dentsu Aegis enriches our emerging ecosystem with an established, scaled and global network. We look forward to exploring new opportunities and innovating for solutions to bring products to a digital life and to implement innovative services for products owners””

— Pierre Nicolas Hurstel, CEO Arianee

“When I talk to clients about digitizing their supply-chain, they always ask if this is just a pilot, or whether it can go further. At Dentsu, we start from this principle, building solutions that can be easily integrated and industrialized. Arianee brings a leading blockchain based digital identity solution that ensures security and transparency for our clients”

— Nicolas Mordacq, Dentsu Tracking, Business Development Manager

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