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Emakina joins the Arianee consortium


4 May

  • EMAKINA, leading independent European digital agency, becomes an integrator of the Arianee SaaS platform and becomes a partner member of the Arianee consortium.
  • Arianee's technology is transforming the relationships between luxury & fashion brands and their customers with Digital Passports (NFTs)
  • Emakina will provide its digital business expertise, tools and support to deploy the Arianee platform at a large scale.

Paris, May 4th, 2021 -  Two top players in their market, Emakina, leading independent European digital agency, and Arianee, global specialist in the digital certification of valuables and have announced their partnership today, Emakina will now propose the Arianee solution to all its clients & partner brands. In other words, through this partnership, brands will now have the opportunity to integrate the Arianee solution within their e-commerce & digital ecosystem and thus to keep elevating and digitizing the experience they offer to their clients.

This enhances the joint ambition of Arianee & Emakina to offer their clients the most efficient solutions to adapt today’s challenges such as user experience & digital transformation while growing their business.

“ Experience is at the heart of luxury & fashion brands. To create desire, they need to invite customers to a unique & immersive journey. This is why we are delighted to announce that we are joining the Arianee consortium to help creative brands to truly reimagine customer experience in the digital age”

— Manuel Diaz, CEO EMAKINA

“We are delighted to welcome Emakina, which offers innovative and complete solutions truly rethinking customer relationships for brands, within the Arianee Consortium. The way they are successfully driving digital business innovation for companies will benefit luxury brands we already work with”

— Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel




  • THE DIGITAL PASSPORT: When a customer purchases an item from a brand using Arianee technology, they receive a digital passport on their smartphone which includes all of the product’s information. In case of resell, the digital passport is transferred with the item and offers the new owner a guarantee of authenticity and good faith. On the other side, brands can track all transactions concerning their products, allowing brands to remain in perpetual, encrypted, and secure contact with the product owner.


Founded in 2017, Arianee is an independent, nonprofit consortium whose mission is to implement a global standard for the digital certification of luxury goods. The Arianee protocol makes it possible to associate each luxury product with its own unique, unforgeable digital identity. This digital “identity card” opens up a secure, permanent, and anonymous communication channel between brands, products, and owners. Powered by blockchain technology, this solution is open-source and decentralized. Arianee proposes the first Saas platform, backed by the first mobile solutions which allow brands a comprehensive use of Arianee’s protocol. On March 11th, 2021, Arianee announced funding of €8 million to further develop our technology and meet the growing demand from fashion & luxury brands.




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