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ISRA joins the Arianee consortium

  • All Arianee’s brands partners and members can now benefit from the technological expertise of ISRA regarding product authentication through NFC technology
  • Arianee & ISRA are working on the development of a new generation of 100% non-replicable NFC Crypto Tag able to sign off on blockchain transactions using its built-in private key. Release expected in 2022.

Paris, April 28th, 2021 - ISRA, French company specialised in the design and manufacture of smartcards and crypto tags for trademark protection and anti-counterfeiting, and Arianee, global specialist in the digital certification of valuables, have announced their official partnership today. Together, the two technological leaders will offer fashion and luxury brands NFC chips that perfectly match specific needs they have to connect their products to its digital twin. This partnership will be followed by the development of a 100% unforgeable new blockchain-based NFC crypto tag.

“We are very delighted to join the Arianee consortium. This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of innovation. Arianee is already a key partner for fashion & luxury brands and we cannot wait to bring even more traceability means to their partner brands. ”

— Jean-Pierre Chauvin, CEO ISRA

“Teaming up with Arianee to be able to provide 100% secure blockchain compatible NFC crypto tags for the luxury & fashion industry is something we are extremely proud of. Being able to merge at very deep-down cryptographic levels those two strong technological bricks is a key achievement for enhancing data protection and traceability purposes. Ultimate beyond step will be to engrave the crypto capabilities into the silicon of the NFC chip. ”

— Carloman Grelu, CTO ISRA

“We are more than pleased to welcome ISRA within the Arianee consortium. The specificity of their unforgeable NFC tag is something very new and wanted in the fashion & luxury industries which makes them a strategic partner for us”

— Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO Arianee

“Through this new generation of NFC tag, ISRA will make it possible to truly connect blockchain to the real world and we could not be more proud to announce this new partnership.”

— Julien Romanetto, CIO Arianee


  • THE DIGITAL PASSPORT: When a customer purchases an item from a brand using Arianee technology, they receive a digital passport on their smartphone which includes all of the product’s information. In case of resell, the digital passport is transferred with the item and offers the new owner a guarantee of authenticity and good faith. On the other side, brands can track all transactions concerning their products, allowing brands to remain in perpetual, encrypted, and secure contact with the product owner.

THE NFC CRYPTO TAG: Each NFC Crypto Tag will be unique and contains a self-generated certificate which will be linked to the digital passport. Each unique certificate which will be on-chip generated could then be transferred through the NFC interface and verified by the blockchain servers. . The result of the check appears on the phone screen. In real time the user has the information on the authenticity of the product. (100% secure & non falsifiable)




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