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LUKSO joins the Arianee consortium

LUKSO joins the Arianee consortium

Arianee is proud to announce a new partnership with another blockchain project : LUKSO.

Arianee and LUKSO are two separate, complementary and essential layers, required for the adoption of blockchain technology by the luxury and fashion industries. While LUKSO offers the first dedicated network and blockchain infrastructure for this sector, Arianee is the most advanced protocol and governance structure that allows immediate implementation and distribution of Digital trusted identities for serialized products. LUKSO and Arianee will initiate a strategic partnership with short and long-term collaborations. As of today, Fabian Vogelsteller, CTO of the LUKSO project, will join Arianee’s advisory board, while Christian Jorge, Arianee’s COO, will in return become a member of LUKSO’s advisory board. By Arianee and LUKSO pooling their strengths and collaborating on both the technology and strategic sides innovation can be accelerated, as well as standardization and interoperability of the Arianee protocol can improve. This will push for faster implementation of the technology and benefits the industry at large.

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