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Moncler Drives Innovation through web3 with Arianee

Moncler Drives Innovation through web3 with Arianee

Paris, FRANCE, October 6th 2022– Arianee, a leading web3 solutions platform for brands entering into the web3 space, announces its partnership with Moncler, during the brand’s 70th anniversary which
kicked off on September 24th with an event in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo. Moncler has also joined the
Arianee Association to contribute to shaping the future of Arianee’s open-source protocol and its
applications alongside more than 50 industry leaders.

Moncler is launching three NFT operations that are enabled by Arianee solutions:

  • 500 NFTs associated with the Platinum colorway of the Moncler Maya 70 jacket
  • 500 NFTs offered to visitors at each location of Moncler's 'Extraordinary Expedition’ exhibition (2500 NFTs in total) starting on October 5, 2022 in New York City, before moving to London, Seoul, Tokyo, China (digital experience only).
  • 70 NFTs gifted to friends of the band

On October 1st, 500 enriched limited edition NFTs were exclusively available to Moncler Maya 70
jacket buyers (platinum colorway), along with special features and benefits. Committed to offering a
seamless user experience, each Moncler NFT is claimable from a simple QR code scan and stored in a
custodial wallet included within the Moncler app.

In addition, Moncler started distributing the first drop of 500 (per location) enriched NFTs on a first-
come, first-served basis to visitors of The ‘Extraordinary Expedition’ exhibition, a multi-city event kicking
off in New York on October 5, before touching down in London, Seoul, Tokyo, and China (virtually).

Each of these NFTs contains an exclusive artwork designed by Antoni Tudisco, a creative director & 3D
visual artist hailing from Hamburg, Germany. His passion for technology and penchant for experimentation create instantly recognizable art rich with color, pop culture references and futuristic

Moncler will integrate Arianee’s NFTs and web-based custodial wallet solution within its ecosystem
with the goal of offering the most seamless, on-brand, and pleasant experience to its most engaged

Arianee’s SaaS platform allows Moncler to create NFTs packed with exclusive and unique features for its consumers, including:

  • Asynchronous transfer: The user can view the content of the NFT and have a wallet created simultaneously, without being crypto native. Very soon, users will be able to transfer their NFT to an external wallet.
  • Minted on Polygon (Ethereum’s side chain): Owners can share and trade their NFT across different
    blockchain networks and applications, from metaverses like The Sandbox to NFT marketplaces like

Additional features also include airdrop claim, CRM, time-stamping, transparency, AR, metaverse deployment, etc.

“Welcoming Moncler among Arianee’s members and developing this project with them is a fantastic opportunity. Our platform allows them to exploit NFTs at its full potential as a new digital relationship tool, bridging the gap between physical & digital solutions with such a seamless user experience for Moncler’s clients is a real pride.
We are honored to be associated with such an iconic brand for such a key anniversary, and this operation shows once again how Moncler is always pushing the boundaries of innovation further, while staying true to its heritage.”

— Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & cofounder of Arianee

This is the first layer of a broader web3 strategy for Moncler, who will be working on tokenizing more assets, digital or linked to physical assets. By 2031, web3 is expected to reach one billion users. Arianee will play an instrumental role in the growth of global luxury brands entering the web3 space.


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