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Mugler and Arianee Transform Customer Engagement with digital product passports

Digital product passport for Mugler

Paris, November 7th - Mugler and Arianee are proud to announce their partnership, introducing digital product passports for Mugler's handbags. These passports will initially be available for the Spiral Curve 01 and 02 bags, available online and in select stores.

Owners of the Spiral Curve 01 and 02 bags will experience a new level of engagement, from reading and exploring product stories to collecting digital passports on their smartphones, providing access to unique experiences and features.

These blockchain-backed product passports offer ownership validation, historical tracking, and effortless transferability. Mugler's visionary move anticipates forthcoming EU regulations and addresses the growing demand for transparency, turning their handbags into digital engagement platforms.

Adrian Corsin, Managing Director of Mugler, stated, "Boldness, creativity, and innovation are part of Mugler's DNA. We believe digital product passport technology offers endless opportunities to build a more direct, interactive, and truly personalized relationship with our clients."

The Spiral Curve 01 and 02 bags, available for purchase on and select boutiques worldwide, will serve as new digital touchpoints, providing owners access to product authentication, exclusive content, behind-the-scenes insights, event invitations, early access sales, and more.

To collect their digital passport, owners will scan a QR code inside their bag and enter a 2FA identification code included within the bag in a secure space.

This groundbreaking initiative is powered by Arianee, known for its collaborations with numerous luxury brands. Arianee is connecting brands and users respectfully through digital product passports & digital memberships.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO and Co-founder of Arianee, added “Digital product passports linked to a physical good will play an instrumental role in fashion and luxury brands’ circularity, compliance and engagement strategies. Developing this project with MUGLER is a fantastic opportunity to show how digital product passports can push the boundaries of innovation and build new ways to interact with clients and create business opportunities beyond the constraint of regulation”

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