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Panerai launches the new digital passport for its watches

Panerai digital product passport

An innovative service for all the timepieces bought from 3rd October 2023.

Continuing its commitment to innovation and elevated customer experience, Panerai
introduces a blockchain powered digital passport for all its watches bought from 3rd
October 2023. The Maison, among the first to offer this digital certification, will
present the initiative at the prestigious Watches and Wonders event in Shanghai.
Each digital passport will contain individual information of every watch, creating a
digital passport that acts as proof of authenticity, granted to the client at the time of
purchase. This record will also facilitate a safer environment for the second-hand
market, as it is transferable to the next holder. Developed with longevity in mind, this
digital passport is designed to follow the product throughout its lifetime, documenting
the watch’s history.

Beyond just proof of authenticity, clients will benefit from the blockchain’s capability to
store comprehensive information about a timepiece, including technical details and
product history. This will set the path to a range of value-added services and
advantages, including easier reselling processes, which will, in turn, improve
transparency, trust, and convenience in client’s interaction with the Maison. For
Panerai, this move marks a step in the battle against counterfeiting, as well as a
progression toward digital documentation.

“Committed to elevating the client experience, we continually adapt and innovate to
align with the changing times. We firmly believe that digital passports are poised to
transform possession of valuable assets, enabling our clients to trace the lifecycle of
their watches, prove authenticity, and benefit from bespoke services tailored to each
timepiece,” says Jean Marc Pontroué, Panerai’s CEO.
To move forward with this industrialization of digital passports, Panerai has partnered
with Arianee, the leading blockchain based digital passports solution for brands.
“Having implemented digital product passports on limited-edition watches for Panerai’s
Experiences since early 2022, Arianee is thrilled to support the Maison in this
implementation at scale, which marks an important milestone in its journey towards an
enhanced and trusted customer experience”, says Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee CEO
& Co-Founder.

Clients can collect the digital passport for their watch directly at Panerai boutiques or,
alternatively, by scanning the warranty card’s QR Code using a mobile device. Once
registered, users can access Pam.guard, a digital platform developed for the use of an
established community of clients: here, they will be able to access the individual
certified information of their watch, check the watch history, transfer the passport to a
new holder, avail of future services, as well as getting an extension of the international
limited warranty up to eight years. In case of gifting, inheritance or resale, the Digital
Passport can be transferred to the next holder through PAMGuard, the access point
for all Panerai owners.

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