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Sourcemap and Arianee introduce the first NFT-Backed Traceable Products in the Luxury Industry


Integrating the first-of-its-kind supply chain mapping technology with a web3 consumer engagement platform to give customers proof of provenance for gems, precious metals and more

New York, NY, March 9, 2022 Sourcemap, a global provider of supply chain transparency and traceability software, is partnering with Arianee, the leading web3 consumer engagement platform for brands, to create the first end-to-end product tracking solution for the luxury industry. Combining Sourcemap’s verified raw material-to-consumer traceability technology with Arianee’s enriched and dynamic NFTs, sustainable and durable products are guaranteed to be authentic and made with ethically mined precious metals and sustainable manufacturing processes at the time of purchasing.

Transparency and sustainability are non-negotiables for the next generation of consumers, requiring premium goods makers to publicly pull back the curtain on their supply chains – from source to shelf. Tracking and tracing products are essential for circularity and enable valuable raw materials to be efficiently recycled and upcycled. However, two major challenges hinder complete visibility: scale and security. Sourcemap and Arianee are joining forces to ensure that consumers retain control over their product’s data from one generation to the next. Through Arianee’s enriched NFTs consumers can access upstream product information and get a digital passport of their product, which they can use to prove ownership and access services like repair or resell for example. Brands can manage their product lifecycle while maintaining a direct link with the current owner and give them access to exclusive experiences and new generation loyalty programs.

“Building a circular economy will require state-of-the-art solutions. Arianee’s enriched and dynamic NFTs enable high product circularity while extending product life cycle. We are delighted to partner with Sourcemap to enable Breitling to launch the first end-to-end traceable watch, thus making luxury more sustainable,” said Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & Co-Founder Arianee.

The Sourcemap and Arianee partnership powers the Breitling Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins, the first traceable luxury watch. Customers are informed about the origins of the watch’s precious materials, with a provenance record on a blockchain-backed NFT digital passport generated using Arianee’s technology and detailing the responsible measures taken along the supply chain for the watch’s artisanal gold and lab-grown diamonds.

“At Breitling, our main goal has always been to provide our clients the most beautiful products while offering them the best experiences and services possible. Combining Arianee and Sourcemap’s technologies with our savoir-faire enables us to add a layer of innovation to our brand.” said Antonio Carriero, Chief Digital & Technology Officer at Breitling.

“With #SQUADONAMISSION To Do Better, Breitling is on a mission to achieve product traceability and transparency while enabling social and environmental impact across the supply chain, beginning with responsibly sourced artisanal gold and lab-grown diamonds.  Our collaboration with Sourcemap and Arianee is helping us to reach this goal.” Aurelia Figueroa, Global Head Of Sustainability

Sourcemap, the largest network for supply chain transparency, connects more than 750,000 businesses to trace materials such as leather, gems and precious metals from farms and mines to manufactured goods. To date, more than 20 percent of the luxury goods industry are registered on Sourcemap’s platform.

“Luxury goods companies can either listen to today’s conscious consumers and grow, or continue doing business as usual and fall behind,” said Leonardo Bonanni, CEO & founder of Sourcemap. “Transparency and traceability software is now a ‘must-have,’ empowering businesses and their customers to make more responsible choices for the environment and humankind.”

Consumers can follow the Super Chronomat Automatic 38 Origins watch’s entire supply chain journey on Sourcemap - from raw material to the finished product

About Sourcemap

Sourcemap is the pioneer of supply chain transparency and traceability software, spun out of early MIT research in 2011. Since then, major traders, manufacturers and brands have adopted Sourcemap's full-suite solution for assurance on the raw materials-to-finished goods supply chain, including ongoing monitoring for production, quality, sustainability and risks such as deforestation and forced labor. Recently, Sourcemap was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022 in the ‘Social Good’ category for its Forced Labor Due Diligence Solution. To learn more, visit

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About Arianee

Founded in 2018, Arianee is the leading web3 consumer engagement platform for brands. Arianee combines an Association - Arianee Project - gathering major brands and tech companies around its open source protocol & a tech company - Arianee SAS - focused on developing and distributing the most advanced software as a service platform based on the Arianee open source protocol. The range of technological solutions developed by Arianee - from a NFT Management Platform, to wallet solutions and web3 tooling (Token Gating, NFT store) -  enable brands to acquire, engage and retain customers through enriched & dynamic NFTs packed with exclusive and unique features. Arianee brings together major brands such as the Richemont Group, L’Oreal, Breitling, Paris Fashion Week, Moncler, Lacoste as well as partners in technology, including POAP and The Sandbox, in its vision to build a decentralized internet.  To learn more about Arianee SAS, visit To learn about Arianee Association, visit

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