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Ulé Taps Arianee to Move the Cosmetics Industry Forward, with Digital Product Passports Launch For its C-Bright Serum

Digital product passport for Ulé

Paris, February 9th - Ulé,  the new beauty brand part of the Shiseido group, introduces a blockchain-based Digital Product Passport (DPP) for its new C-Bright Serum, in partnership with Arianee today. For each Serum purchased on, clients will be able to explore dynamic and enriched transparency information about their product. Each Digital Product Passport is non-transferable, creating a new link between the brand and the user with an innovative experience for a beauty product. It will stick with its owner for a lifetime, which unlocks personalized product-based services and experiences, once the Digital Product Passport is collected.

Lindsay Azpitarte, Founder of UIé, declares, "Our ambition with Ulé is to create resonated beauty, a beauty that is transparent, reliable and safe, for consumers. We believe partnering with Arianee will help us achieve this goal, while offering consumers as much knowledge & honest interaction as possible. Arianee’s Digital Product Passports are a fantastic opportunity to recruit new clients, better engage with them and inform them about the environmental sustainability of our products in a dynamic way.”

Arianee has deployed a seamless & passwordless experience for users. After purchasing the C-Bright Serum on, all clients have to do is to click on a link in the order confirmation email. Two clicks later, they will obtain their Digital Product Passport.

From their Digital Product Passport, clients will access enriched features locked to their user account, including:

  • transparency & traceability: access enriched and evolutive product information, from sourced ingredients to the finished product, sustainability commitment, labels
  • exclusive experiences and personalized services: access product-based experiences from event invitations, early access sales, discounts and more
  • ownership-based messages: receive direct & personalized messages from Ulé, including invitations to events, early access to sales, rewards as well as tutorials & tips from Ulé 
  • authenticity & ownership: easily prove the authenticity and the ownership of the C-Bright Serum without disclosing personal information, online or IRL

These Digital Product Passports also will support a limited-time operation with special rewards until February 29th with 2 kinds of rewards:

  • 10 Digital Product Passports will have a special status, granting 2 invitations to Ulé Earth Day event happening in April 2024
  • All others Digital Product Passports will come with a gift voucher valid on

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, Arianee CEO, adds, "We are convinced Digital Product Passports can push the beauty industry forward regarding transparency & sustainability concerns, while increasing post-purchase retention. We are proud to support Ulé in its new journey with the introduction of their first Digital Product Passports, accessible in an easy and seamless way thanks to our solutions.”

Arianee has been known since 2018 for its numerous collaborations within the luxury fashion & beauty industry. The tech player is helping brands willing to incorporate circularity & sustainability into their business model, to deploy Digital Product Passports at scale. After a first introduction in the beauty industry in 2022, Arianee is ready to move the cosmetics industry even forward and onboard new DPP users.

With this new product launch, Ulé wants to move the cosmetics industry forward and meet consumers’ demand for transparency while bringing a new layer of engagement to its offer.

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