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Watchmakers enlisting Arianee


Four major watchmaker companies enlist Arianee’s digital certificate of authenticity using blockchain technology, to engage in the future of customer relationship.

Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Roger Dubuis and MB&F join the Arianee consortium to implement a digital watch certification solution that is unforgeable, durable, secure and transferable. Arianee’s open source solution guarantees the authenticity of these four watchmakers’ products and enables them to meet several essential criteria to strengthen their relationship with their owners:

• This digital protocol using cryptography brings a new dimension to their efforts to combat fencing and forgery and offers customers even greater security around the authenticity of their watches. Indeed, once the solution has been deployed on all the ranges, each watch will be assigned a unique certificate which must be presented in the event of a buyback. In the absence of an Arianee authentication certificate during a resale process the buyer will then be alerted on the authenticity or the legal ownership.

• Based on an independent and decentralised protocol, the Arianee certificate gives watch owners the assurance of neutrality and anonymity. The digital identity is attached to the watch therefore, no personal data related to its previous owner is available.

• Finally, the Arianee certificate stores the entirety of the watches lifespan (purchase, repairs, maintenance, change of ownership, etc.) and creates an anonymous link between all owners (initial owner, resellers, gift's recipients, inheritance's recipients, second-hand market, etc.).

The protocol developed by Arianee based on blockchain technology will enable these companies to offer their customers an unparalleled traceability and authentication service.

Towards a universal standard for all valuable’s ownership

Along with Arianee, these four watchmakers are participating in an initiative aimed at creating a digital standard for the certification of valuable goods that can be used by all the brands operating in this sector (luxury, fashion, beauty, automotive).

“Digital identities will transform the way we own valuables. Arianee couldn’t have dreamed of better partners as the first members of the consortium” declared Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, co-founder and CEO of Arianee.

Vacheron Constantin has already started implementing the protocol and distributed certificates on specific collections over the past few months. For further details. Each Company will have its own project timeline to evaluate and implement the system on its collections, while being at the heart of the initiative and being able to help define the outlines of the consortium's protocol and governance.

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