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Web3 toolings.

Take advantage of our complete set of web3 toolings (e.g. API, widget) to create the most advanced web3 experiences. Do it with us or with your in-house developers.

They build on the Arianee protocol

Choose from our toolkit

Each solution is amazing on its own, but the real magic happens when they work together.

Token Gating API

Reserve the most exclusive experiences for your most dedicated token holders! With our token-gating API, you can provide a secure way for holders of a token or a set of tokens to unlock special privileges.


A web3 community platform built on our token gating API. Allow holders to join respective lounges depending on their tokens and other entry requirements. Quality conversations await!

Wallet Connect module

Enable users to securely and effortlessly connect their wallets to dxApps of choice via QR code scanning or deep linking.

Web3 Store package

Pre-packaged ecommerce platform to sell NFTs or merchandising in a token-gated experience.

Hosted Wallet API

Allow your customers to access and manage their NFTs right from their client account. We provide you with a hosted, custodial wallet that can be integrated within your existing system.

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We will be delighted to demonstrate how our technology works, and how NFTs open a new channel for interactions and services between your brand and the owner of your product.


What is a Web3 Store and what can I do with it?

A Web3 Store is an online store (like an e-shop) that is only accessible via the user’s wallet. A brand can sell NFTs or physical products. The payment can be carried out in cryptocurrency or fiat (what we call today’s money like dollars or euros) and an automatic confirmation email will be sent out once the payment is successful and the order is placed. But that’s not all though. You are also able to organize white listings, private sales, and much more. If you have an idea, we’ll do our best to support you.

What does whitelisting with a smart contract mean?

First of all let’s look at what a smart contract is. Smart contracts are automated contracts that trigger certain actions when predetermined conditions are met. It works like an 'If…then' condition.

Next, let’s look at what a whitelist is shall we? A whitelist is a list of wallet addresses that enables the wallet owners - if they are on the whitelist - to access private features from a brand.

Now that we’ve seen what a smart contract is and what whitelisting means, let’s see how it all comes together.

Whitelisting with a smart contract means that when the smart contract function is called upon, it checks if the wallet address is in the whitelist and if it is the wallet owner will be part of the lucky few to receive the brand’s NFTs before the official minting (i.e. creation) process. It’s like a VIP invite to get the chance to see and own the NFTs before anyone else.

What is a web3 website?

A web3 website is a website that enables you to connect via your wallet (either our Arianee Wallet or another one) instead of going through a third party like Google or creating a new account for example.  You’re also able to make part of the website token gated which means that you can only access the content of the page if you have the right NFT, or are in a whitelist of a raffle, for example. This means that one NFT owner could see one type of content while another NFT owner could see something different.

What is Arianee’s Token Gating API?

Arianee’s token-gated API enables any third party to add and configure a token-gated element to their projects, like an NFT store for example. And there are many kinds of token gating rules, like NFTs, tokens, ERC-1125, POAP, whitelisting, and many more.

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How do I create a web3 website?

That’s a great question! And our first recommendation would be to contact us to find out. Why? Well, that’s because we have all the building blocks ready to bring your project to life. Whether it is an NFT Store to sell NFTs and physical products or a Token-Gated Site to showcase all the rewards and perks associated with owning the NFT. All we need is for you to explain your project to us and we’ll create it.