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Celebrating The Arianee Protocol: A Letter from our Founders

Celebrating The Arianee Protocol: A Letter from our Founders

Dear clients, members, and community,

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Arianee Protocol. As we take part at EthCC, there’s no better occasion to reflect on our significant strides and celebrate the next phase of our evolution: the launch of Protocol V2.

This new version will focus on:

  • increasing the compatibility of the Arianee Protocol with the web3 ecosystem
  • enabling the creation of multi collections and personalizing each one with unique features
  • enhancing the versatility of NFTs with powerful features like SBT and Meta Tx

As founders of Arianee, we are excited to share our progress with you!

The past 4 years of the Arianee Protocol 

In 2018, a transformative moment sparked a vision for the future. The arrival of a new era, where data would truly be within our control. This ignited the journey that led us to today’s launch - an endeavor driven by inspiration and the collective eureka moment shared among our founding members. 

The internet once envisioned as an open landscape, has become entangled in a web of platforms and centralization. To navigate this complex maze and regain control of our digital journey, we realized the need for a new thread that would revolutionize our interactions with communities, businesses, and each other. 

With this mission in mind, we embarked on a transformative quest to redefine the concept of data ownership. We firmly believe that tokenization will serve as the guiding thread, leading both brands and users out of the labyrinth of Web 2.0 centralization. And thus, we created the Arianee Protocol.

We brought together experts from cryptography to luxury, forming an alliance where users, in the guise of brave brands, share the governance with protocol creators. It was a fellowship like no other, destined to be exclusively ruled by those it served.

In 2020, the Arianee protocol emerged. We launched large-scale deployments with brands like Breitling, introducing tools and interfaces to use the protocol at scale and embark users easily without asking for crypto or wallets, enabling seamless interaction with web3 and greatly facilitating user onboarding. 

With over 50 global brands and industry organizations having joined the Arianee Association, including Richemont Group, Moncler, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, Château Pape Clément, and Stade Toulousain, we have witnessed an incredible response from an array of verticals and industries. 

Core protocol features include:

  • Gasless Onboard and Transfer: Get and transfer an NFT from a simple link with no gas fees
  • Brand Verification: Verify an NFT comes from an authentic brand
  • Private Content: Allow NFT content to be accessible only by authorized users
  • Proof of Ownership: Generate time-stamped Proof of Ownership and share it with someone with read-only permission
  • dMessaging: Send direct-to-asset messages without having to rely on a third-party
  • History of Events: Time-stamp important events in an NFTs lifecycle (e.g., repair, resale, redeem)
  • NFT Recovery: Call back an NFT in case of product return

Our commitment remains steadfast - to keep the protocol under the control and development of the brands it serves, empowering them to boldly innovate and break free from the constraints of digital monopolies. 

Today we are proud of the many achievements accomplished through the unique setup of our association as a non-profit open-source protocol and public infrastructure.

The Arianee Protocol Enriched NFTs, built on the ERC-721 standard, are the most advanced NFTs available on the market. They are packed with enriched features designed for Brands to ace their Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement strategies. 

Arianee Protocol V2: Strengthened with the ecosystem in mind 

Arianee Protocol V2 builds upon the evolving industry landscape and incorporates valuable insights from our clients and partners in the Arianee Association. This version focuses on three essential aspects: compatibility, personalization, and versatility.

First, we have made the most advanced features of the Arianee Protocol smart contracts such as dMessages, History of Events, and Verified Issuers, readily available to any ERC-721 contracts. This means that existing ERC-721 contracts can now easily use these unique features. 

Second, Arianee Protocol V2 allows brands to create multiple collections, each with its own smart contracts and features, providing unparalleled flexibility and customization options. Brands can now create dedicated collections visible on all NFT marketplaces.

Developers and brands deploying their own dedicated instance will be able to leverage an OpenZeppelin-like interface to be ready in minutes and benefit from the whole Arianee Ecosystem (Arianee SDK, Arianee Wallet, Arianee DApp…), allowing them to have greater control and flexibility over the implementation and customization of the protocol (a.k.a. feature flipping). 

And third, V2 introduces Meta Transactions, a recognized standard that simplifies user interactions with the blockchain. By separating the signer and the party responsible for paying gas fees, this feature enhances the user experience, making web3 more accessible. Gasless transactions were already available in V1, and V2 improves their efficiency further.

Last but not least, V2 introduces Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), enriched NFTs that cannot be transferred but still leverage all the unique features of the protocol. SBTs create an unbreakable bond between users and issuers, allowing brands to offer exclusive rewards and loyalty programs locked to user accounts, boosting engagement and ownership.

These advancements perfectly align with Arianee's mission to connect people and brands respectfully, leveraging and enriching the ERC-721 standard to offer solutions for real world use cases.

We invite brands, developers, and enthusiasts to be part of our thriving ecosystem. Whether you are a brand looking to leverage our protocol to turn your product into an engagement platform, a developer seeking to build innovation on top of our infrastructure, or a passionate community member eager to amplify our message, your contribution is invaluable. 

Join us in shaping the future together!


The Founders of Arianee

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