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It’s Arianee NFT Weekend!

It’s Arianee NFT Weekend!

What are NFTs? What are we talking about it now? Can you own an NFT without being a crypto expert? How can your brand leverage it? What does Arianee NFT passports bring to luxury fashion industry?

For 4 whole days, we’ll be churning out exclusive content surrounding NFTs and why they’re important for fashion and luxury.  Make sure to follow us on all our platforms to discover and learn fresh new tidbits about NFTs and how Arianee’s digital passport works.

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10AM: NFTs explained in 1 minute

12PM: What are NFTs?

8PM: Why the hype?


10AM: NFTs in Fashion & Luxury

12PM: Create an NFT with the Arianee Protocol

6PM: Exclusive newsletter


9AM: NFT Report

How Brands Can Leverage NFTs to Create a Direct & Perpetual Link With Their Community"

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