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On-chain data management: A new paradigm that does not required a new CRM

On-chain data management: A new paradigm that does not required a new CRM

The journey of a product shouldn’t end at the point of purchase. Instead, it should extend into a dynamic cycle of interactions between brands, customers, marketplaces, and service providers. Tokenized digital product passports, powered by blockchain networks, are rethinking this journey, offering after-purchase services that enhance customer loyalty and adding new revenue streams for the brand.

Facilitated through blockchain networks, these digital passports enable brands, customers, marketplaces and service providers to all contribute to the life cycle of a product, with each interaction stored securely on the digital passports.

For instance, when a watch is serviced at a brand store, this event is recorded in the history of the passport, accessible to both current and future owners. When a watch changes hands on a marketplace, the passport seamlessly transfers to the new owner, enabling the brand to establish direct communication with them—a capability made feasible by the unique features of the Arianee Protocol.

Such seamless interaction is achievable solely because of the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

Giving products more than an identity

By tokenizing the ownership of each product, we give it a digital identity with its evidential value. But more importantly, we turn it into a native component of the internet, which can be readily connected to the network. Each digital passport becomes the intersection of the brand - the product - the owner, enabling a network of direct connection and value exchange without any intermediaries.

As an NFT (non-fungible token), every digital passport acts as a node of the network where all stakeholders (e.g. marketplaces, repair services) can consult the historical data of the NFT, then add information to it (subject to the owner’s approval). Upon transfer of ownership, all of the history will be passed to the new owner.

Open participation and value addition

The beauty of this network lies in its openness and permissionless by design, which means anyone can participate and add value to the it, all transactions are visible to anyone who wants to see them. You simply cannot do that with a private database.

Seamless integration with CRM

Brands issue these passports to initiate after-purchase services. Every stakeholder is empowered to engage, creating a wealth of CRM insights for brands. From ownership transfers to product servicing, each action generates valuable data seamlessly integrated into brand’s CRM.

Arianee Connect

To streamline this integration process, we've developed Arianee Connect, a Salesforce app that effortlessly channels digital passport information directly into brand’s Salesforce. This on-chain data, though novel for brands, seamlessly integrates into existing CRMs, enriching them with ownership insights. We stream these data events coming from blockchain networks via webhooks. The brand can install Arianee Connect on their Salesforce organization and start receiving data streams they are interested in.

What’s noteworthy is that brands are not restricted to our services; they have free rein to build their own webhooks services tailored to their CRM. While our aim is to accelerate the adoption of user-owned data, a brand have the option to build their own version of it via the Arianee Protocol and blockchain networks.

A paradigm shift in customer empowerment

This piece of data can do much more than traditional data because it is on chain, and therefore immutable, unfalsiable and interoperable. Unlike conventional data, access to this information isn't contingent upon gatekeepers such as GAFAM. Data stored on decentralized networks (blockchains) is inherently trustworthy and owned by its users, granting them sovereignty in their relationships with brands. This interoperability unlocks novel brand experiences, whether in product resale or forging new partnerships.

This data is the best infrastructure to empower consumers and brands to improve their product experience. As new as the properties of such data are, we integrate it seamlessly in all existing and legacy CRM of our brands.

It’s a new paradigm that does not required a new CRM.

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