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Our website just got a major glowup!

Our website just got a major glowup!

New colors? Yes. 

New typeface? Yes. 

Still the best in the web3 biz? Also yes.

It was time for a change, and we went all in! Welcome to the new and improved Arianee site!

Whether you're looking for information about our solutions, use cases, or industry insights, you can find them quickly and easily on the Arianee website. With a user-centric approach, our new design ensures you can access everything you need without any hassle. 

Our name might be more than 2000 years old, but our site is all new! Let's break it down.

Is that an Arianee doppelganger? 

Don't worry. You're not seeing doubles; we're just rocking a new .com and .org vibe. 

Catering to two specific audiences, brands seeking our SaaS solutions, and developers/web3 players interested in our open-source Arianee protocol, creating two sites was a no-brainer.

On the homepage, you can find our manifesto and info about our infrastructure layer or be redirected to to explore our SaaS solutions.

The website is tailored for our developer community and focuses on Arianee's Protocol as a lego block for the next generation of the internet. Here, we provide developers with the necessary tools and documentation to build independently rather than rely on proprietary platforms. 

Brands interested in joining the Arianee Project Association can also find information on our tokenomics and governance model. The Arianee Association is by brands, for brands, and our website is built to reflect that.

The website is specifically designed for brands and partners. Our signature client-centric approach provides information regarding Arianee's SaaS solutions, use cases, and success stories.

Why the changeup?

Our vision is rooted in our name, inspired by the legacy of the Labyrinth of Crete. 

In Greek mythology, Ariadne delivers a thread that guides Theseus out of a labyrinth inhabited by a Minotaur.

In today's internet "labyrinth," we connect users and brands with digital assets: the decentralized internet's zero-party data.

Our mission is to build direct and continuous relationships between brands and owners, with a decentralization focus and with the power over data in the hands of consumers.

But how can you help build connections if the subject matter is drab and tech-talk-heavy? The simple answer is you can’t. 

For those who aren't fluent in “web3,” cracking the language codes can be frustrating. With this in mind, we set to work to design a website that is inclusive, comprehensive, easy to navigate, and user (aka you) friendly! 

Expertise, passion, and charisma

Our work is taking web3 mainstream, emphasizing the vast number of users and industries primed to benefit from web3 technology.

Our new colors were chosen not just because they look good but because they represent the characteristics that define Arianee. 

The warm tones used on our SaaS website, like the pink and orange gradients, create a welcoming and approachable feel. They evoke creativity and innovation and align with our user-friendly tools and services. 

Our Protocol site, on the other hand, is all about cool tones that convey a sense of stability, security, and trustworthiness. These are ideal for creating a decentralized, secure infrastructure for identifying durable, high-value goods. The cool color also aligns with the environmental aspects of blockchain technology, which emphasizes sustainability and responsible use of resources.

Learn more about Arianee’s carbon footprint here.

Connecting the dots

Our logo isn’t going anywhere! We love it, and it's simple web3 nuance.

Ever wondered what that dot is about? 

In some programming languages, the dot is a "membership accessor," meaning it grants permission to access something inside an object.

The dot can be thought of as our "membership accessor," giving access to the web3 world!

Additionally, the dot symbolizes the start of something new, such as a journey into the new chapter of the internet and the digital relationship between brands and consumers.

New look, new features, same us

We hope we’ve informed, coached, and dazzled you with our glowup! While we may have a new look, we’re still the web3 team you know and love.

As always, feel free to reach out, request a demo, or just say hello! 

Feeling inspired?