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Tracing the evolution of the Arianee Protocol on-chain!

Tracing the evolution of the Arianee Protocol on-chain!

At Arianee, we harness the power of public blockchain technology to bring transparency, trust, and user empowerment into the way brands manage product lifecycle and interact with their customers. Our path has been marked by a series of decisions regarding the choice of blockchains. This article takes a closer look at the networks that have underpinned our solution to date.

POA Blockchain: The Birthplace of Arianee Protocol's Journey

The initial deployment of Arianee's protocol took place on the POA Network, which operates as a sub-chain within the Ethereum ecosystem. POA utilizes a consensus algorithm that depends on a predefined group of validators, referred to as authorities, for the validation and incorporation of new transactions into the blockchain.

Notably, transactions executed on the POA Network offer distinct advantages in terms of affordability, speed, and overall efficiency, making it an appealing choice for brands seeking to implement digital passports for a substantial volume of products. While its interoperability is somewhat restricted, the POA Network is particularly well-suited for projects focused on digital product passport initiatives, where brands prioritize controlled access.

Unlocking New Horizons on Polygon

Deploying the Arianee protocol on Polygon was a big step, showing our commitment to open access in the web3 ecosystem. As we delve into token-based loyalty programs and digital-native collaborations with brands, ensuring asset interoperability becomes paramount for user empowerment. 

Polygon stands out with its scalable framework, guaranteeing faster transactions at a fraction of Ethereum mainnet's costs. Its Ethereum compatibility simplifies transitions and integrations, and its array of Layer 2 options addresses diverse project requirements. 

Thanks to this partnership, our users find it seamless to engage with renowned platforms like OpenSea, broadening horizons in the web3 domain.

Introducing Polygon CDK: Arianee's Next-Gen Blockchain for Brands

To empower brands in crafting secure, scalable, and economical infrastructures and appchains, we proudly present our latest blockchain solution: the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK), with Arianee’s native token $ARIA20 at the helm. This open-source framework facilitates the rapid deployment of Layer 2 blockchains on the Ethereum network, with a focus on modularity.

This L2 appchain is open to all, allowing brands and builders to craft bespoke infrastructures tailored to their unique requirements. Several mandatory points must be addressed to ensure its effectiveness. 

Firstly, scalability is a critical aspect. This CDK must significantly enhance transaction throughput and processing capacity, ensuring high-performance capabilities to meet the demands of a growing blockchain ecosystem.

Security is a non-negotiable requirement. The Polygon CDK should bolster security by implementing redundancies and fail-safes across multiple blockchains. This approach mitigates single points of failure, protecting against vulnerabilities.

Enhancing cost-effectiveness management is another compelling outcome of integrating Polygon CDK into the Arianee ecosystem. With this integration, brands can exercise greater control over expenses associated with protocol operations, such as gas fees, smart contracts, and currency management. This newfound efficiency optimizes resource allocation.

Providing flexibility is essential for brands and builders. The Polygon CDK should allow different blockchain networks to maintain their unique capabilities. This ensures that innovation and diversity are preserved while benefiting from the CDK’s enhanced interoperability, scalability, and security. Moreover, Arianee's dedication to high-performance transactions on the Polygon CDK adds an extra layer of efficiency to this cutting-edge blockchain solution.


From our beginnings on the POA Network, which set the stage for secure transactions of luxury items, to our entry in the web3 sphere with Polygon, Arianee has continuously redefined the capabilities of NFTs. With the introduction of Polygon CDK, we are poised to redefine the benchmarks of performance, scalability, and interconnectivity. 

As we continue to evolve, our commitment to creating a transparent and user-friendly NFT ecosystem remains unwavering. Here's to the next chapter of Arianee's adventure in the ever-expanding universe of web3!

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