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Simplifying Digital Passport Creation and Management with Arianee APIs

Simplifying Digital Passport Creation and Management with Arianee APIs

At Arianee, we developed well-documented and user-friendly APIs to facilitate seamless integration with service providers, allowing developers to easily build on the Arianee Protocol. 

As an open-source protocol for Digital Product Passports (DPP), the Arianee Protocol enables anyone to create their own version of the APIs if desired. These APIs abstract the interactions between brands and blockchain networks, NFTs, and smart contracts.

Our suite of APIs allows us to integrate into brands’ environments. We offer API solutions for every aspect of DDP management, from issuance, data analytics, distribution on a brand’s interface, and integration with third parties to enhance the DPP utility: 

  • NMP APIs: Digital Passport Management API and Digital Passport Utility API
  • Client Account API
  • Transfer Permit API

In this article, we will dive into the core functionalities and potential applications of our APIs, and their role in the end-users ownership and DPPs utility.

🧬 NFT Management Platform APIs

Digital Passport Management

This API is designed to facilitate the creation, management, and distribution of DPPs in the form of NFTs. It allows users to create digital passports, claim ownership, update details, transfer ownership, recover passports, report them as missing or stolen, and delete them. Additionally, it provides comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling users to track and analyze the history and data of their digital passports along with past blockchain events. 

Digital Passports Utility

The enriched and dynamic content feature offers exclusive information and services to users, fostering an engaged community. 

With this API, ownership proof can be easily shared, and decentralized messaging capabilities allow interaction with wallet owners through targeted campaigns. These campaigns can be automated or sent as one-time messages, enhancing communication with the community.

Furthermore, the API also supports event management, including public blockchain events related to DPP transactions and private events with custom content for specific digital passports. These events can be auto-accepted or manually accepted by owners, enriching the history and value of the digital passports.

From the DDP design and campaigns to statistics, these capabilities support various use cases, such as verifying the ownership and repair history of a luxury watch or maintaining a service log for household appliances.

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🔐 Client Account API (Custodial API)

The Client Account API offers your brand the simplest way to onboard customers and provide them with their first blockchain-based Digital Passport. This API ensures a frictionless experience for customers to claim, own, and interact with their digital passports directly on your brand's website. Opening an account with just an email on your website is all it takes to get started!

As a brand, you can offer your customers a blockchain wallet linked to their account through your website or mobile application. Each customer's ID is uniquely connected to their wallet, allowing them to easily retrieve and manage their digital passports. Additionally, your brand can perform blockchain transactions on behalf of the customers, enhancing their experience.

So how does Arianee integrate with a wallet provider? Arianee has designed an interface that bridges your brand’s authentication system and a wallet provider. This intermediary setup allows customers to manage their passports within your brand’s environment effortlessly. The Custody Gateway provides a comprehensive set of APIs dedicated to wallet management, enabling seamless passport wallet creation for customers via your website or mobile application.

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🌍 Transfer Permit API

To improve interoperability between Client Accounts, their DPPs, and the multiple third parties that may need rights on these Digital Product passports such as marketplaces, we developed the Transfer Permit.

For instance, this service enables end-users to effortlessly list their products for resale on marketplaces, directly from their branded customer accounts.

To make it easier for brands to access this service, we have developed APIs that enable Smart Asset Sharing Token (SST) to be set up, allowing the right to read and transfer these DPPs to be managed with authorized third parties. This token is the underlying standard that powers the Transfer Permit.

This enables brands, and therefore third parties, to connect and ensure a secure and consistent service flow for their end-users. 

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Our API enables the creation and distribution of Digital Product Passport on-chain. Brands use them because this infrastructure enables new types of post-purchases services that value circularity, transparency and ownership.

By exploring the potential applications of Arianee APIs, all the players involved in the life cycle of a product can interact with each other to promote its circularity in complete transparency. The best about it? Our APIs are all documented, check it out! 🔍

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