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Arianee’s Technological Achievements in 2023

Arianee’s Technological Achievements in 2023

Following the NFT fever of 2022, the focus for 2023 shifted towards tooling for builders and enterprise customers. Allow me to pick for you four noteworthy features we shipped this year that are excellent examples of our dedication to our mission. 🌔

Before we dive in, I’m Stéphane, the Lead Developer at Arianee for four years. I am very proud to present on behalf of the whole team, the projects we’ve been working on this year! As we wrap up the year, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the developers, product managers, and our tech writer who worked very hard to ship all of these great features! 🔥

Protocol V2 = Protocol V1 + A lot of New Features

We started Arianee in 2017, a time when ERC-721 was still in development. A “Bored Ape” was only a bored ape. OpenSea didn’t exist. Our core protocol almost hadn’t changed since. To keep it short, V1 enables brands to mint digital product passports (NFTs), add custom time-stamped event and send decentralized messages to NFT owners.

The biggest difference with XMTP for example is that it connects a brand (the NFT issuer) to an NFT owner, not two wallet addresses. Here is a “Peek Behind the Tech Curtain of the protocol V1”.

We redesigned our protocol completely and gave this version a new name “Protocol V2”. 😊 To make it very easy to interact with, we developed a new JS SDK, a modular toolkit that simplifies integration and optimizes applications for the Arianee Protocol’s features.

What’s new in this protocol V2? 🥥

  1. Builders and brands can deploy a customized combination of Protocol V2 features
  2. Introduction of soulbound token NFT
  3. Reworked token economy based on $aria20 💸
  4. Utilization of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for robust and immutable identity verification
  5. …And much more! Check out this article for a comprehensive overview.

Big features are coming early next year! Stay tuned!

Dapp: The Ownership Account

In 2018, we developed our own wallet: a mobile application that supports all native features of the Arianee protocol. However, we observed a significant challenge as individuals less familiar with web3 struggled to grasp the concept of a wallet. So, we improved our end-user experience by creating a Dapp (decentralized application): The Ownership Account. Our users can now engage with their favorite brands directly from their browsers.

Explore the Dapp with an NFT I created for you — claim it here and share your feedback in the comments below. 👇🏽

Custody Gateway: Pick your Custodial Provider

We also developed a forward-thinking, multichain custody gateway API that allows our clients to choose their favorite custodial provider (e.g. Ledger, DFNS, Venly). Our solution can be integrated with any API-based wallet. Brands can select the level of security they need for their clients and benefit from all the native features of the Arianee protocol. 😎

Built on Arianee SDK, our custody gateway ensures multichain support and stellar-fast API access. It transforms how brands embed wallets directly into their client accounts, boasting user-friendly integration with comprehensive documentation — check it out here.

Guess what? Some of our clients skipped their technical meetings this year because our documentation is just that awesome! Take a look here for yourself! 👀

Direct Integration in Salesforce & SAP

Our mission has always been to guide brands from Web 2.0 to Web3. These brands are equipped with their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. To facilitate this transition, we have developed two connectors: one for Salesforce and one for SAP. This enables brands to mint and send decentralized messages directly from Salesforce. With just a click, brands utilizing Salesforce can seamlessly embrace Web3. 🙌🏼

Additionally, we’ve also developed a webhook delivery system to streamline integration into our clients’ system, ensuring they can enjoy near-real-time blockchain-based event.

Pre-Conclusion 🙂

At Arianee, we are always trying to innovate and to deliver the best for brands and users. Throughout 2023, Arianee has been researching and integrating a new blockchain, poised to unlock new horizons, expedite transactions, enhance performance, and provide unparalleled flexibility to builders. Stay tuned for official news in the upcoming year! 🚀


2022 marked the (fever) era of NFTs; 2023 was dedicated to solidifying the foundation and integration; 2024 is set to be the year of Real World Assets and interoperability.

See you in the new year!

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