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IWC Schaffhausen: Improving loyalty with an exclusive membership club

IWC launched the "IWC Diamond Hand Club," a collection of 1,868 membership NFTs that continues to grow with new members who purchase limited collections and attend events.

IWC NFT Project

Brand description

IWC was founded in the 1880s by Florentine Ariosto Jones to combine American technology with Swiss watchmaking. Today, IWC is a well-known brand in the Richemont Group, known for pushing the boundaries in luxury watches and customer experiences.

Brand goals

IWC places a strong emphasis on community and consistently strives to engage with fans in interactive ways. With values like innovation and a pioneering spirit, the brand sees web3 as a natural next step in their journey. 

By embracing the metaverse and NFTs, IWC aims to strengthen their relationship with customers and acknowledge their most devoted supporters.

The metaverse, as they see it, is not a separate digital realm, but rather an ever-growing universe that seamlessly integrates with reality. IWC's mission is to facilitate seamless transitions between the physical and digital realms, creating a community based on authentic ownership. Web3 provides the perfect platform for IWC to realize this vision.


To commemorate their first web3 campaign, IWC created a collection of 1868 membership NFTs that grant access to the exclusive IWC Diamond Hand Club. These NFTs were distributed during Watches and Wonders, the largest watchmaking summit held in Geneva. 

While anyone can visit the IWC Diamond Hand Club website (, NFT owners enjoy special perks, including access to token-gated sections of the site such as a chatroom (SPKZ lounge), a microverse on, and private concerts.

The club continues to grow with new members who purchase limited collections and attend events.

Soon, IWC will launch digital passport of the watches, and start building their loyalty program based on those members and clients’ NFTs.

Customer Benefit(s)

Real-life experiences:

  • Have access to exceptional events and get an exclusive look behind the scenes. 
  • Interact with some of the most achieved and passionate professionals in their fields like sports, music, arts and watch craftsmanship.

Digital experiences:

  • Connect to a metaverse space designed by renowned architect Hani Rashid on
  • Access a token-gated community platform on
  • Receive direct-to-wallet messages from IWC

The longer members hold the token – proving they are real Diamond Hands – the more utilities they will receive.