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Madame Figaro: Acquire new readers and educate around web3 utility

As a cultural magazine, Madame Figaro wanted to play an essential role in educating its readers about the latest movement: web3. What better way to do this than to distribute their own NFTs.

Madame Figaro

Brand description

Madame Figaro is a French women's lifestyle magazine covering fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle. It is known for its sophisticated content and appeals to stylish, modern readers. Published monthly, it offers articles on fashion and beauty trends, celebrity interviews, and cultural events.

Brand goals

Powered by Arianee, Madame Figaro launched a campaign to make web3 accessible to all readers, crypto-native or not.


To launch their NFTs, Madame Figaro rolled out a series of educational content including an interview, an NFT-for-dummies article, a step-by-step guide, amplified by social posts. No jargon nor big words, just hands-on fundamental knowledge anyone can follow.

And what's a better way to learn about NFT than to experience it first-hand? They released 800 NFTs, accessible through a simple QR code scan. 

Two levels of benefits were offered:

  • The top 20 lucky recipients received an NFT Golden, granting them exclusive perks: a private meeting with the editorial team, a behind-the-scenes tour of the magazine, invitations to cultural events and Madame Figaro happenings, and a one-year subscription to the Figaro Premium+ package.
  • The remaining 780 NFT Classics provided a six-month free subscription to the Figaro Premium package.

Customer Benefit(s)

Madame Figaro enabled all users to experience the beauty of web3:

💫 Ownership: users manage their Private Key, which means that they are the true owner of their asset. That being said, the Arianee Wallet also offers a much easier option allowing beginners to back up in an encrypted file on iCloud/Google Drive 

💫 Scarcity: only 800 minted & can’t be duplicated

💫 Interoperability: your membership “card" is now a native component of web3 & operable on other dApps such as OpenSea via WalletConnect



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