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Moncler: Integrating web3 into the brand experience

In October 2022, Moncler launched three NFT operations in celebration of its 70th anniversary. 


Brand description

Moncler is a luxurious fashion brand that has stood the test of time. Founded in 1952, the brand has a rich history of crafting high-end down jackets and ski wear that have been favored by some of the world's most demanding athletes, explorers and celebrities. Moncler's iconic quilted jackets have been worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Madonna and remain a staple in high-end fashion today.

Brand goals

Moncler wanted to celebrate its 70th anniversary by offering limited-edition NFTs to its customers and fans. The brand aimed to create a unique, memorable experience for its customers while exploring the potential of NFTs as a new digital relationship tool. This initiative marks the first phase in Moncler's preparations for the large-scale adoption of web3, including digital passports for all of their products.


In October 2022, Moncler launched three NFT operations in celebration of its 70th anniversary. 

The first operation involved making 500 limited-edition NFTs associated with the Moncler Maya down jacket available to buyers of the platinum colorway. 

The second operation involved distributing the first drop of 500 NFTs to visitors of the ‘Extraordinary Expedition’ exhibition, a multi-city event starting in New York, before stopping in London, Seoul, Tokyo, and China. 

The NFTs were offered on a first-come, first-served basis and included an exclusive artwork by Antoni Tudisco, a creative director and 3D visual artist from Hamburg, Germany.

The third operation involved gifting 70 NFTs to friends of the brand.

Customer Benefit(s)

  • By integrating Arianee’s solutions into its existing app, Moncler was able to offer its customers a seamless web3 experience. Each NFT was claimable with a QR code scan and stored in a custodial wallet included within the Moncler app.
  • The NFTs offered a range of benefits to customers, including airdrop claim, CRM, timestamping, transparency, AR, and metaverse deployment. 
  • Minted on Polygon: From markets such as OpenSea to metaverses such as The Sandbox, owners can share as well as trade their NFT throughout various blockchain apps and networks.