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One-to-One Monaco

The conference presents three unique NFTs that grant access to corresponding lounge areas.

One-to-One Monaco

Brand description

One-to-One Monaco is a conference and business accelerator for e-commerce leaders that takes place in Monaco over the course of three days. The event provides a platform for e-commerce professionals to network, learn, and exchange ideas and best practices in their field. The event typically features keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops focused on the latest trends and developments in e-commerce.

Brand goals

  • To bridge the gap between traditional e-commerce and NFT technology
  • To provide a lasting, memorable experience for customers. Provide attendees with a unique keepsake to remember their time at the conference.


The conference offers three exclusive NFTs to be claimed, including:

  • Genesis, which provides access to an exclusive lounge
  • Feel, which gives access to a themed party celebration
  • Imagine, which grants attendees the opportunity to connect with Frédéric Montagnon, co-founder of Arianee.

Customer Benefit(s)

The targeted customer can get access to an exclusive B2B conference set in Monaco as well as tickets for the Grand Prix.