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Panerai: Ultra exclusive NFT experience

With the introduction of the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition and the accompanying NFT, Panerai further committed to providing their customers with innovative and valuable experiences.


Brand description

Founded in Florence in 1860, for many decades Panerai supplied the Italian Navy with precision instruments. The design developed by Panerai in that time were covered by the Military Secrets Act for many years and were launched on the international market after the acquisition by the Richemont Group in 1997. Today Panerai develops and crafts its timepieces at its Neuchâtel manufacture, melding Italian design and history with Swiss horological expertise. Panerai watches are sold across the world through an exclusive network of distributors and Panerai boutiques.

Brand goals

With their combination of strength and innovation, Panerai watches inspire their owners to choose the bold course and pursue uncharted territory. In keeping with that spirit of audacious exploration, the brand embraces novel technologies that extend compelling opportunities to its clients.

To that end, an exclusive digital component unprecedented in the brand’s history will accompany every Panerai Experience Edition watch. This inaugural offering from Panerai represents the beginning of a deepening engagement in the world of web3.

In time, every Panerai watch will be issued with a Digital Passport, as a service to protect its valuable, singular identity, maintain an open line of communication with the brand and unlock benefits and services.


Panerai introduced its entry into web3 in partnership with Arianee. They launched the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition, a limited-edition watch with an accompanying NFT. Each buyer received one of the 50 Panerai Genesis NFTs that unlocked exclusive content and evolved as the experience unfolded. This was the beginning of a new frontier in the possibilities offered by technology and the start of a deeper engagement in the world of web3 for Panerai.

Learn more about the Panerai NFT Experience here.

Customer Benefit(s)

  • Customers received a unique and one-of-a-kind experience with the Radiomir Eilean Experience Edition.
  • Each NFT was uniquely time-stamped to reflect the buyer's specific experience.
  • Owners of the Genesis NFTs had priority access to all future web3 initiatives from Panerai.
  • NFTs provided definitive proof of ownership and delivered access to an enhanced client experience with benefits and services that began immediately and unfolded continually.
  • Customers received a Digital Passport for their watch, providing valuable protection for their watch's identity and a line of communication with the brand.