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YSL Beauté: Creating the next generation web3 campaign

With its NFT collections, "YSL Beauty Golden Block" and "YSL Beauty Night Blocks"

NFT Beauty NFT

Brand description

YSL Beauty, also known as Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, is a French luxury fashion house founded in 1962 by designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé. YSL has become synonymous with iconic fashion designs, haute couture collections, and high-end leather accessories. The brand expanded its offering to include cosmetics in the 1990s and YSL Beauty has since become a leader in luxury makeup and skincare. Today, YSL Beauty is owned by L'Oréal and continues to create innovative products and iconic designs, maintaining its reputation as a leader in the fashion and beauty industries.

Brand goals

The goal of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté is to explore and create a long-term vision in the world of Web3 and NFTs. The brand aims to build a web3 community around YSL Beauty, educate its communities about NFTs,  promote a co-creation mindset, and support the brand's program "Abuse is not love".


1. YSL Beauty Golden Blocks

On June 14th, 2022, YSL Beauté launched its first ever NFT collection, with 10,000 Golden Blocks. They were made available through an NFT vending machine at the Vivatech conference and through the brand's social media channels.

All were claimed within 48 hours!

2. YSL Beauty Pride Blocks

The 2nd drop, “Pride Blocks”, was part of a campaign YSL Beauté launched with P00LS and two musician partners of their “Abuse Is Not Love” program, Agathe Mougin and Kittens.

Together, they released "social tokens" that provided holders with exclusive benefits and access to each artist's community.

To claim a social token from either artist on P00LS, non-Golden Block holders had to complete specific tasks (e.g. answer a quiz, claim a Pride Block NFT), while holders of the first drop received them for free.

The operation was a huge success, selling almost 1.3 million tokens in seven days to no less than 24,000 people, including 4,600 who own both tokens.

3. YSL Beauty Night Blocks

Further demonstrating its commitment to the web3 world, on January 30th, 2023, YSL Beauty launched its next NFT collection called 'YSL Beauty Night Blocks'. The NFTs were gifted to shoppers upon the purchase of a Black Opium fragrance in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

The original YSL Beauty Night Block collection was made available in 2,000 units, and an ultra-rare edition, which was only available in 14 units, featured the newest addition to the Black Opium fragrance franchise.

This move was aimed at driving customers to YSL Beauty's direct-to-consumer channels, rather than relying on retail partners, while also promoting sustainability through the use of digital gifts instead of physical ones.

4. YSL Beauty Night Masters

Shortly after the first drop of 2023, holders of YSL Beauty Golden Block NFTs will be alerted through their YSL Beauty wallet about the second instalment of the campaign. This phase, which will require payment, is to support the "Abuse Is Not Love" initiative through a private sale on the website.

The NFTs in this collection will feature unique designs created in partnership with talented female artists, whose identities will be disclosed soon.

Customer Benefit(s)

  • A branded & interoperable wallet application that allows users to claim their NFTs in a few clicks, without any technical/web3 knowledge
  • A token-gated website where token holders can connect their wallet and access a personalized experience (e.g. exclusive content by Nathalie Lorson, the master perfumer of Black Opium Le Parfum) and perks (a gift voucher)
  • Whitelisted for the brand's upcoming web3 activations
  • Holders of the rarest NFT will also be offered extra perks (e.g. a 90mL Black Opium Le Parfum fragrance and a refined YSL Beauty kit to ‘Get the Black Opium look’)