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Arianee harnesses the power of Digital Product Passports, transforming them into rich ownership data to foster deeper relationships and embrace new circular business models.
Open-source protocol & entreprise toolkit trusted by leading brands.


As industries face pressure to align with environmental goals, traditional linear economic models that prioritize volume growth are becoming unsustainable.

Our comprehensive position paper explores innovative strategies for decoupling business growth from production, focusing on the trasformative potential of tokenization.

They build on the Arianee protocol

The Arianee Protocol in numbers


Brands and counting



Passports distributed



Utility events recorded on digital passport



Messages to product owners

one platform to manage it all

We bring together all the essential elements needed to build an enriched digital product passport, from upstream to downstream partners, and everything in between. 

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NFT Management Platform

Manage product and ownership data

Tokenize assets, communicate with holders, and extract campaign insights based on zero-party data.

Dynamic Product Page

Onboard customers seamlessly

From a simple link or QR code, users are directed to a dynamic web app where they can visualize the digital product passport, read product transparency details and act on the passport before collecting it.

Ensuring compliance with regulation requirements.

Embedded Wallets

Distribute ownership data

Allow users to collect the digital product passport and conveniently manage it in a digital wallet embedded in their client account or in a decentralized app.



Distributed digital product passports at scale

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Creating memorable customer experiences with exclusive collectibles

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Enrich customer experience through digital product passports

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Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrated with popular CRM/ERP/PIM systems

Robust Foundations

Protocol-driven infrastructure for stability, security, and scalability

Instant Onboarding

User-friendly frontend apps that anyone can use


Enabling wallet-based experiences and competitive advantages as technology evolve


Public blockchain allows for transparency and tamper-resistance, facilitating compliance


Connect to collect your digital product passport and experience the Arianee seamless process.


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”Customer engagement is at the heart of everything we do. We will continue to offer additional services to Breitling owners with absolute security and complete respect for privacy.”

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“To us, web3 holds the promise of intensified experiences, where artistic reinvention and genuine emotions collide.”

Stephan Bezy - CEO
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"A unique occasion calls for a unique experience"

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“This is part of our digital transformation and sustainable innovation strategy”

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“Arianee is a pioneer and a leader.”

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"...a complete system, accessible to all and with very high added value”

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“As a partner of Arianee and member of the association, we feel engaged into an open dialogue with lifestyle & fashion brands.”

Sebastien Borget - Co-Founder and COO

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What is the Arianee protocol?

The Arianee protocol allows brands to create NFT (aka certificates or passports) for their products. These NFTs are backed by Blockchain and displayed on a customer-friendly interface such as a smartphone or a web browser, creating a digital link between you and the NFT owner.

Moreover, the technology developed by Arianee is open source and can be used by Brands to :

  • Link NFTs to a validated Brand Identity that’s registered on the Blockchain,
  • Create NFTs on the blockchain as a digital twin, membership, or attendance token,
  • Transfer NFTs from one owner to another,
  • Prove ownership of an NFT by allowing the NFT owners to generate a “proof of ownership”,
  • Send messages and interact with owners via their NFTs,
  • Link events via time-stamp to an NFT and share them with your owners,
  • Store the NFT History and allow the owners to access it whenever they wish to,
  • Update the content of the NFT.
What’s the difference between an Enriched NFT and a regular NFT?

The main difference between the two is that our Arianee Enriched NFTs have additional features on top of what a regular NFT has. But before diving into all those new features, let’s look at what a regular NFT is.

An NFT is unique, indivisible, transferable, publicly verifiable, and capable of proving its scarcity.

Enriched NFTs based on the Arianee protocol, on the other hand, have the same properties but Arianee has added quite a few other ones too. In fact, Brands are now able to

  • prove you are the issuer of the NFT,
  • have asynchronous claims,
  • offer private NFT content,
  • send decentralized messages to the owners of the NFT,
  • enrich, update, and add the history of the NFT,
  • Time-stamp the NFT with events
  • and recover your NFT if your customer wishes to return their product, or in case of death or litigation.

So put simply, we have taken a regular NFT and turned it into a powerful tool that enables you to offer a lot more features to your community.

What is the carbon footprint of Arianee?

That’s a great question! Often when people talk about blockchain technology, they mention the fact that some networks emit a lot of Co2. This is true when it comes to Bitcoin technology but we, at Arianee, have decided to make sure that our carbon footprint is as low as possible from day one.

In fact, Arianee operates on two Ethereum side chains under Proof-of-Stake (PoS)(Polygon) and Proof-of-Authority (PoA) which are very efficient in terms of energy consumption. We audited our Carbon and Energy footprint and we’re very proud to say that even if we reach the threshold of 200 million NFTs created in one year, our carbon footprint is only 25% of what a french family emits in one year.

Who are the founders?

Arianee's founders are an assembly of passionate innovators, visionaries, and pioneers with an eye for tech evolution and an entrepreneurial sixth sense.

Their combined skills and expertise are the foundation Arianee is built upon.

Here’s a little more about each of our trailblazers:

  • Pierre-Nicolas HURSTEL, Arianee’s CEO — the Founder of ReMode. Partner and co-founder of strategy consulting Blue Change as well as curator of the Foundation online community.
  • Julien ROMANETTO, Arianee’s CIO — a multi-venture proprietor (Overblog, Teads, Secret Media, CryptoFarm) and a Crypto Expert and Advisor in multiple successful ICOs.
  • Alexandre COGNARD, Arianee’s CTO —  a serial entrepreneur (web agencies, e-commerce and Vestiaire Collective, FDM) and the former CTO of @Vestiaire Collective.
  • Luc JODET, the Executive Director of Aria Labs — the former business analyst at a Fortune 500 company turned entrepreneur (service design agency, BUYECO marketplace) and now a web3/crypto Partner at XAnge (a key VC in EU).
  • Frédéric MONTAGNON, the Chairman of the Board — a serial entrepreneur (Overblog, Teads, Secret Media, LGO) and the 7th largest startup investor in France. Blockchain expert since 2013.
What does Arianee mean?

Would you believe us if we said it comes from a Greek legend? From the legend of Arianee (pronounced Ariadne) to be more precise. While the details of the story vary depending on the narrator, one part of it remains consistent through time.

With a thread of glittering jewels, Ariadne helped the Athenian hero Theseus escape the Labyrinth after he slew the Minotaur.

That brought on the expression “Ariadne’s thread”, which describes finding a solution to a problem through the exhaustive application of logic to all possible options.

We believe “Arianee” is a perfect name to represent what we stand for and believe. In reality, there could be no better name for a structure committed to helping companies and individuals negotiate the internet – a labyrinth whose challenges far exceed those faced by Theseus – than Arianee.

And there could be no greater privilege than to be your thread through this maze.

Why is Arianee different from other digital product passport solution providers?

Arianee stands out in the digital product passport space for our unique infrastructure. While most brands grapple with first-party and third-party data, Arianee introduces the game-changing concept of zero-party data powered by blockchain.

As the infrastructure landscape shifts from rented to distributed, Arianee empowers brands to construct their own Internet of ownership, regaining control over consumer relationships.

Our main offering, digital product passports, transforms products into dynamic engagement platforms with benefits like transparency, enriched services, CRM 3.0, D2C engagement and lifecycle management.

By choosing Arianee, your brand gains regulatory compliance readiness, comprehensive engagement tools, immediate activation capabilities, and a future-ready infrastructure.

What is the link between Arianee SaaS, Arianee Protocol, and Arianee Association?

Great question! Well, the story began with the Arianee Protocol which is an open-source protocol that aims to create a global standard for secure and authentic digital product passports.

Then, we created the Arianee Association, bringing together like-minded industry players to support the adoption of the Arianee Protocol.

The Arianee SaaS is the 1st company to pioneer the Arianee Protocol's adoption. It provides end-to-end, enterprise-ready solutions enabling brands to tokenize, distribute, manage their NFTs, and engage meaningfully with their customers.

What is Arianee's ambition?

Arianee is building a framework for a virtuous internet, empowering brands and their users to control their data. We are changing the paradigm of engagement on the internet by enabling every major brand to deploy a new customer data infrastructure, natively dynamic and controlled by users, complementing first and third-party data.

What are our solutions

The Arianee protocol, a multi-chain EVM open-source set of smart contracts built to create enriched and dynamic NFTs brands can distribute to their users to improve user experience and engagement. 

This open-source protocol is available for use with its accompanying documentation and its payment token: $aria20, or with our software as a service, API-based infrastructure: the NMP, and embedded wallets. All the EVM deployments of the protocol are powered by the Aria20 token and include Appchains built, in partnership with major blockchains like Polygon, for scale and specific use cases.