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Dynamic Digital Product Passports and Membership Tokens for Wine and Spirits. Uncork multiple ways to engage your consumers.


Incorporate an NFT with every bottle sold, and transform
your product into a digital platform for enhanced engagement.


Ensure consumer confidence


Create your CRM 3.0 platform


Attract younger consumers


Retarget your consumers


Boost consumer loyalty


Transform consumers into ambassadors


Reward your top consumers


Create new on-trade & off-trade opportunities


One-click claim

Easy onboard process. No crypto needed.

Enriched utilities

Personalized treatments based on user activities.

Decentralized  messages

Direct-to-wallet notifications. Fully respectful of user privacy.

Timestamped events

Register important events in the NFT lifecycle on blockchain.

Prove and transfer ownership

Easily prove ownership online and offline without disclosing personal information.

Provide transparency and traceability

Utilize the NFT as a Digital Product Passport (DPP) for your wine or spirit bottles and offer your customers: 

A secure proof of authenticity that cannot be tampered with 
Important information regarding the product, such as ingredients and nutritional value
Getting ready for EU regulations coming in Dec 2023

• Ready-to-read webpage • Optional wallet install for enriched engagement
"Beyond providing practical information, the Digital Product Passport serves as a platform to deeply engage our consumers through storytelling, community, and privileged perks. It is an immersive journey that allows consumers to truly appreciate the artistry and passion that go into every bottle we produce."

Camilo Gomez Vargas

Head of Digital Marketing at Bernard Magrez

Direct-to-wallet communications

Through their wallet, your customers will now be able to:

Interact with you to enhance their tasting experience, including tips on conservation, serving, and food pairing.
Interact with the community of holders of these same wines and spirits.

Target holders of a specific appellation or grape variety

Provide special offerings such as:

A masterclass or wine tasting focused on that appellation or grape variety.
An opportunity to upgrade to your premium cuvée within that appellation.
The establishment of an appellation or grape variety fan club to foster consumer communication and connection.

Target holders of a specific wine reference

Keep them informed about:

Range extensions, such as new colors or grape varieties being introduced.
Promotions targeted at entry-level/mid-range owners to upsell more exclusive selections.

Target holders of a specific vintage

Keep these customers informed about:

When the vintage they own is ready to drink.
Upcoming virtual masterclasses or horizontal tastings focused on that vintage.
Publication of scores (90+ Parker, Wine Spectator, etc.) for that vintage.

Provide experiential content

Share photos or videos of your estate's highlights, such as harvest or new wine releases.
Showcase your sustainable, organic, or biodynamic agricultural practices in the vineyards.
Offer your customer a virtual bottle to display in their microverse cellar.

Build a loyalty program with reward levels based on customer engagement

Offer virtual tastings with no limit on registrants for product holders.
Invite loyal customers to exclusive tasting experiences.
Dinners and physical events in specific markets.
Provide VIP visits to the estate as a reward for top-tier engagement.
Allocate old vintages, special formats, and limited quantity productions to best customers.

Engage your on & off premise key accounts in a new way

Create customer contests for your On-Trade accounts (restaurants and hotel chains) and Off-Trade accounts (specialized stores).
Utilize these new activations to:
  • Negotiate new listings with the accounts
  • Provide incentives to distributor salespeople and/or restaurant/retailer teams (e.g. minimum number of scans)
  • Boost the product turnover by point of sale (e.g. including the contest on the menu, using "table tents")

    * Disclaimer: Certain mockups were produced for demonstration purposes.

How does it work?

It only takes your consumers 2 steps and under 1 minute to be onboarded.
No personal information given.

Step 1: Scan a QR code in the back label
Step 2: Swipe to claim the NFT and get a wallet generated on the fly. No crypto needed.


To commemorate the 770th harvest, 1.252 NFTs were offered for sale, each serving as a digital membership card for the club.


Create enriched and dynamic NFTs on the NFT Management Platform, easily onboard users through the Arianee Wallet or your branded wallet, and leverage our web3 toolings to deliver the most well-rounded web3 experience for your community.