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Enable customers to easily visualize the digital product passport before collecting it, with a fully customizable interface.

Scan the product

From a physical identifier (QR code, NFC chip) on the product or a link distributed upon online purchase, users are directed to a dynamic web interface.

Read product information

On this webpage, users can explore product specifics*, its transparency, history, and care instructions without having to download any app.

*Having an accessible way to view product information is paramount to being compliant with regulations. This solution offers a low-layer access to critical product information, ensuring regulatory requirements are met.

Preview the passport utilities

Your digital product passport comes with exclusive perks and we make sure to communicate that effectively. This incentivizes customers and facilitates the buying process.

Collect the passport

When the purchase has been completed, the customer can claim the passport and securely save it in their supercharged client account or a decentralized app for enriched engagement.

On brand design

Brands have the freedom to craft their landing page precisely how they envision it. The interface is highly flexible and fully customizable in terms of:

Visual presentation
Functionality and features
User experience