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Meet the Arianee Wallet

Meet the Arianee Wallet

According to BCG and a16z, web3 could reach 1 billion users between 2030 and 2031, on the same adoption curve as the internet. In the not-too-distant future, wallet connections will be as mainstream as web2 login and password today.

Beyond a digital backpack for your NFTs and cryptocurrencies, wallets will be the key to access games, drops, events, exclusive community channels and other experiences. They will allow you to effortlessly interact with most brand websites and decentralized apps, effectively functioning as your web3 digital identity.

However, users today are struggling with the number of tools and their complexity in order to connect to web3. The Arianee Wallet is our way to smoothen out the transition to web3 without compromising on web3 ethos.


Technically speaking, a wallet is just an address on the blockchain. To enable users to access wallets, developers have to build an “interface”. Some interfaces allow the users to read the content of the wallet; others go a step further: allow the users to act on the content and interact with network applications. The Arianee Wallet is indeed an interface of the second type.

In this sense, the Arianee wallets are fully interoperable with other dApps (decentralized apps) that have implemented the Wallet Connect protocol (e.g., The Sandbox, Oncyber, Opensea). It is a gateway to various experiences across channels.


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the Arianee Wallet's unique private key management, let's iron out a few key terms first.

Every wallet is defined by its private key and public key. Put simply:

  • The Public key = mailbox where everyone can drop you letters.
  • The Private key = mailbox key where only you can read the messages inside the mailbox.

Private keys are probably the most sensitive data to handle. The risk associated with poorly secured private keys is that anyone who has access to a private key can rightfully pretend to be the owner and claim ownership of the wallet.

No matter what type of wallet one is using, it falls into two broad categories:

  • A custodial wallet takes custody of your private key for you, providing backup for your assets. If you lose your password for your wallet, you’ll just have to confirm your identity to regain access. Examples of custodial wallets are Coinbase and Binance.
  • With non-custodial wallets, your private key resides on the hardware of your device or a separate offline wallet. You won’t have customer service to back you up. You are the only one responsible for your assets. Examples of non-custodial wallet services are Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Ledger.

At the moment, most non-custodial wallets on the market require a very high level of knowledge. For an ordinary user, there is a big learning curve moving from the familiar password/login experience in web2 into the wild world of web3 where one has to “connect your wallet” and “write down your 24-word seed phrase. In addition, leaving first-time web3 users to be solely responsible for their high-value assets can feel risky for some brands.

To facilitate web3 mainstream adoption among the next billion people, we need an interface on which brands feel comfortable onboarding their users. This is how the Arianee Wallet came to life. The Arianee Wallet is a non-custodial Ethereum wallet built on the state-of-the-art web3 technology, offering two ways to secure your private keys:

  • Encrypted backup on Google Drive or Apple iCloud for beginners
  • Manual backup (seed phrase) for web3 purists

We don’t mess with web3 and its main properties - true ownership and data privacy, but we don't make it difficult for you either! In the worst scenario, if users don't backup their seed phrase, we still offer them the possibility to retrieve their wallet as long as it's the same phone. This is a unique feature of the Arianee Wallet, designed to assist users in their first entrance to web3.


The Arianee Wallet allows users to interact with Arianee Enriched NFTs and participate in highly functional web3 experiences around the tokens they are holding:

Web3 features

  • Claimable via a simple QR code or NFC chip
  • Evolutive metadata with time-stamp feature, verified on blockchain
  • Access token-gated community channel and content
  • See the product in AR & 3D
  • Export the NFT to an alternative wallet
  • POAP compatible
  • Wallet connect compatible
  • Show or transfer proof of ownership in 2 clicks

CRM features

  • Direct-to-wallet decentralized messaging
  • Hyper personalization based on wallet and token activities (full anonymity)
  • Analytics thanks to the NFT Management Platform (Data visualization of real time events: sent, read, clicked)

Prove, show, transfer

Through the Arianee Wallet, owners can easily generate a QR code or a link to prove their ownership of an NFT. Any phone can check the validity of this proof without the need to install any app. This is especially helpful when attending events, with the NFT being the only proof of ownership needed.

As the proof is time-sensitive, there's no way to screenshot the original QR code. If the proof has exceeded a certain time limit, it becomes invalid.

In only 2 clicks, owners can also generate a link to transfer their ownership. Upon receiving the link, the new owner can preview the NFT, have a wallet generated on the fly, and become the owner of the NFT.


Three years ago, the Arianee Wallet was one of the first web3 wallets ever created. Several hundred thousands of users later, we collected a lot of feedback to radically rebrand the app. New look and feel. Better interaction and content organization. Our wallet is meant to be user-empowering and our new design reflects that.

Moving forward, we will open the wallet to any type of NFT. Among one’s Arianee Enriched NFTs, they will be able to browse all the NFTs they have from any wallet, combining different credentials across different platforms to unlock exclusive perks.

On top of that, Decentralized Messages (dMessages) will be the keystone of the new Arianee Wallet, providing NFT issuers with one of the most powerful community tools in web3.

Good stuff is in the works. Stay tuned!


The Arianee Wallet provides a streamlined user journey for anyone to onboard users and take them to purely self-custodial experiences of web3.

This is a much-needed transitional state if brands want to promote excitement and confidence among the mass users. When everybody has a wallet, you’ll be well ready for the next iteration of the internet.

A pioneer since 2018, the Arianee Wallet is trusted by major brands including YSL Beauty, Breitling, The Sandbox, Groupe Casino, Panerai, and more.

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