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NFT Management Platform: Why we created it and what it will become

NFT Management Platform: Why we created it and what it will become

NFTs are revolutionizing the way we think about ownership and value in the digital world in ways that are deeper and more meaningful than having a customer’s email address. But, as with any nascent technology, there's a lot of complexity to navigate. That's where the NFT Management Platform (NMP) comes in to make web3 more accessible to brands.

In this article, we'll explore why we created the NMP and the future we envision for it.

Why we created the NMP

Five years ago, when web3 and NFTs were still relatively unknown to the general public, our team created the Arianee Protocol with a singular goal: build an open-source standard for the digital identification of assets (NFTs).

We wanted to establish a framework for how NFTs are handled, creating a shared set of rules that brands can use to manage NFTs and foster a direct connection with their community.

Since then, we've developed the Arianee Protocol with five unique features:

  • dMessaging: Decentralized messaging from a digital wallet issuer to the asset itself. Brands can directly attach messages to NFTs for enhanced engagement with owners without relying on a third party. The NFT acts as a perpetual link between a brand and its customer, enabling the brand to add additional utilities to the same product, respectfully of the user's choice.
  • Timestamped Events: Blockchain-recorded events that can be added to the NFT by the issuer or authorized third party with an API call to stamp an event in the NFT life cycle (redeem, participation, forge, repair for physical goods, for example)
  • Asynchronous Transfer: Enable anyone to visualize an NFT, receive it with a wallet generated on the fly, and become the owner of an NFT with a simple link
  • Verified Issuers: Verify that an NFT comes from an authentic brand
  • Private NFT Content: Content can be set as private (encrypted), allowing only the owner to access the information and control who has access

Our protocol was built with brand CRM activities in mind. To make it easy for brands to use these features of the Arianee Protocol, we created the first layer of dApps and interfaces on top of it.

This resulted in the creation of the NFT Management Platform (NMP), an enterprise-grade SaaS solution that provides a user-friendly interface and web services for brands to easily create and manage their NFTs, track the ownership of their NFTs, and interact with the Arianee Protocol's smart contracts.

This means that anything you can do with the Arianee Protocol, you can do it easily via the NMP without any blockchain knowledge, making it the best way to exploit the maximum features of the Arianee Protocol. Essentially, the NMP simplifies the protocol's complexity, which is already abstracted from the intricacies of blockchain.

What can you do on the NMP?

The NMP offers several features to create and manage Enriched NFTs at scale, including:

  • Minting Enriched NFTs with minimal effort, either as single NFTs with unique properties or batch NFTs that share the same attributes
  • Segmenting NFTs based on campaigns and audiences using off-chain information like tags
  • Pairing NFTs with physical goods using The Forge app developed by Arianee
  • Protecting the distribution process with anti-bots and token-gating the experience
  • Engaging users through dMessages sent directly to NFTs and time-stamped events recorded on-chain

To date, the NMP has minted more than 1 million NFTs for 40+ brands!

What's next for the NMP

The NMP has several exciting features planned for the future that will make it an even more powerful tool for brands looking to engage with the web3 ecosystem.

All tokens manageable in one place

One key aspect of the NMP is its ability to become the backbone of any brand's web3 activities. This means that the NMP will be able to manage all the different NFTs and tokens that brands create and distribute, whether they were created before and imported onto the NMP for management or created directly on the platform.

For example, from now on, brands can mint POAP badges directly from the NMP. Users can mint their POAP on a wallet address generated on the fly for them from a scan of a QR code. They can store, read, display and prove their POAP ownership in all Arianee compatible wallet interfaces.

Empowering trusted partners

At our core, we exist to serve the end consumer, and as such, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance the utility and adoption of brand NFTs.

To this end, the NMP will evolve in order to meet the needs of our brand's authorized partners. Similar to how an accredited repair shop aids a watchmaker, these partners may be given the power to mint or drop events on behalf of the brand. This will result in a network of reliable brand partners, which will further the adoption and utility of brand NFTs.

For example, a trusted resale platform can verify the authenticity of pre-owned watches and timestamp the NFT to indicate that the watch has been resold. Additionally, the platform could even issue Digital Product Passports for these watches if they don't have one. This would expand the reach of Digital Product Passports to products that are already in circulation. The evolution of the NMP is thus necessary to facilitate these changes.

Strong connectors

In addition, the NMP will build very strong connectors for brands to be able to connect the NMP to the CRM system they use, whether it's Salesforce for CRM, or SAP Product Clouds to get product information for digital passports. This will allow brands to have a unified view of all their NFTs and improve the ability to track, manage and distribute them.

Higher security

Another important feature is the added security layer that will be provided by the NMP. The platform will soon be implementing Hardware Security Module (HSM) which will allow brands to define and add an additional layer of security for their wallets. This will ensure that brands have an added level of security for their private keys, and can be more confident in the management and distribution of their NFTs.


The NMP functions as an interface, but its true power lies in its API and seamless integration. We are developing a comprehensive range of monitoring, reporting, and integration tools that will simplify access to the Arianee protocol via the NMP API.

Why is this important? Firstly, it allows for faster and cheaper integration for our existing clients. Additionally, it opens up the possibility of partnering with a broader range of companies who may want to create a customized version of the NMP to sell to specific sub-segments of consumers.

Read our documentation:

In a nutshell

The NFT Management Platform (NMP) was created to make web3 more accessible to brands by establishing a framework for NFT handling. It provides a user-friendly interface for brands to easily create Enriched NFTs at scale, track ownership, and interact with holders via unique features.

The NMP has exciting plans for the future, including managing all tokens in one place, enabling trusted partners to enhance NFT adoption, building strong connectors for brands, and providing higher security.

To see the NMP in action, book a demo here.

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