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The Enriched NFT user journey: A walkthrough

The Enriched NFT user journey: A walkthrough

As web3 builders and brands, how are we supposed to onboard the average Joe who doesn't have a token, nor a web3 wallet, nor the slightest idea about “gas fees" and “signed transactions"?

How well you can onboard first-time crypto users is, in fact, where everything rises and falls.

Good thing we handle the heavy lifting at Arianee. In this article, we'll explore how we can enable an average person to have an Ethereum address, to own their first NFT and manage their Private Key in less than 2 minutes using Arianee's Asynchronous Transfer technology.  

We’ll walk you through a real-world example from Stade Toulousain who leveraged our web3 solutions to offer their new users the most seamless, headache-free experience.

Step 0:

NFT created on the Arianee NFT Management Platform with a link and a QR code.

Step 1:

Distribute the QR code via your platform of choice (e.g. magazine, garment, product label, ads, game, website).

Stade Toulousain dropped their NFTs via a QR code displayed in the stadium during the last game of this season. Using our personalized webapp solution, Stade Toulousain also deployed a landing page fully customized to their brand aesthetics.

Step 3:

Users scan the QR code with their phone

Step 4:

If users haven't got an Arianee compatible wallet (.Wallet or a brand web3 app), they will be instructed to install one

Step 5:

Upon app installation, an Ethereum wallet address is generated on the fly!

As users open the app, they will see the NFT already displayed for preview without having to scan the QR code twice thanks to deep linking.

Users are now greeted with pop-ups explaining the unique features of the NFT. They can read public information on the NFT (e.g. description, photos, videos) or check the NFT's transaction history.

Step 6:

To trigger the airdrop of the NFT, users just need to slide the green bar. Next, they need to set up a pincode for the wallet. The pincode (and FaceID) will be used for identity verification when one wishes to prove they own the NFT or transfer it.

After that, the ownership is registered on the blockchain (note that it could take a few seconds to a few minutes for the blockchain transaction to be fully confirmed). The owners can now explore all the exclusive services the NFT has to offer.

For example, on clicking the link in the NFT, the users will be taken to the Stade Toulousain's token-gated website. Since they are holders of the NFT Season 21 - 22, they are eligible for the NFT Genesis 1907 drop, which promises exclusive benefits throughout the next season: unique experiences via draws (press conference, warm-up at the edge of the field, etc.), personalized scarf, and more!

The Arianee Wallet

The Arianee Wallet is a true non-custodial Ethereum wallet built upon web3 standards, meaning users are the only one responsible for their assets. Nobody at Arianee or brand can give users their private key to access their wallet in case they lose it. Therefore, we advise users to back up their private key frequently.

Arianee provides users with two ways to secure their private key: manual backup (for web3 purists) with 12 seed words, or by Drive where users can store their private key in an encrypted file on iCloud.

In the worst scenario, if users don't backup their wallet, we still offer them the possibility to retrieve their wallet as long as it's the same phone. This is a unique feature of the Arianee Wallet, designed to assist newbies in their first entrance to web3. It’s easy and safe.


In this article, we looked at how Arianee's Asynchronous Transfer technology can allow new crypto users to preview an enriched NFT, download an app, have a wallet generated on the fly, and trigger the airdrop of the NFT via one simple link available at their fingertip.

With Arianee, the renowned French rugby club deployed a smooth NFT operation to their fans and transformed 5% of their social media audience into token holders, most of whom are new to web3! Stade Toulousain fans can fully enjoy the fun of NFTs in a familiar, user-friendly interface, while not compromising their privacy or ownership.

If you're curious to learn more about our solutions, don't hesitate to book a demo with us here. We'd be glad to show you around!

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