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Moncler Genius: Community Tokens

During its event, Moncler distributed the first Moncler Genius community tokens to the attendees and laid the ground for future dedicated experiences.

Moncler Genius; Adidas Originals

Brand description

Moncler is a luxurious fashion brand that has stood the test of time. Founded in 1952, the brand has a rich history of crafting high-end down jackets and ski wear that have been favored by some of the world's most demanding athletes, explorers and celebrities. Moncler's iconic quilted jackets have been worn by the likes of Jackie Kennedy and Madonna and remain a staple in high-end fashion today.

Brand goals

  • Strengthen a loyal digital community
  • Establish a direct and personalized communication channel with customers


What is Moncler Genius?

Moncler Genius is a co-creation initiative in which Moncler partners with various designers to showcase the power of collective creativity and individual artistic expression. Conceived by Remo Ruffini, Moncler Genius serves as a platform for exceptional creative talents and officially began in 2018. 

Moncler Genius 2023 London Event

In February 2023, Moncler Genius hosted a remarkable event in London during the closing day of London Fashion Week. This event was all about nine exceptional collaborators—Alicia Keys, Pharrell Williams, Mercedes-Benz, Palm Angels, Frgmt, Adidas Originals, Salehe Bembury, Roc Nation, and Rick Owens—transforming their unique visions into fashion reality. They had substantial creative control and a significant budget to present their creations in an immersive, visually stunning way. 

Moncler Genius; Mercedes-Benz

This event wasn't just about fashion; it was about strengthening Moncler Genius's digital community. 

All the attendees at the event were in for an exclusive treat. They received an NFT designed by the renowned digital artist Antoni Tudisco, granting them access to Moncler Genius collections in the future. 

A Moncler Genius token listed on OpenSea

How does it work?

To be a part of the Moncler Genius event, attendees were required to register on the Genius website and receive a QR code, giving them access to the event.

Upon scanning this QR code at the event entrance and confirming their participation, attendees received a thank you email. 

This email included an opportunity to claim their Genius community token via a Call to Action button. 

Claiming this Genius community token comes with a host of benefits for at least one year, which can be renewed with the purchase of a Genius product. These benefits include early access to upcoming Moncler Genius collections, with more exciting benefits yet to be revealed.

Moncler’s partnership with Arianee

Moncler has initiated a long-term partnership with Arianee to establish a direct connection between the brand and their customers, eliminating any intermediaries. This means that Moncler can now send targeted message campaigns to their holders without having to rely on any third party platform.

Moncler tokens are securely stored in your Moncler digital wallet, a dedicated space within the Moncler App. This digital space allows you to view your tokens, track their history, generate proof of ownership, and unlock various exclusive benefits and services.

Think of it as possessing your own digital wardrobe, where you retain full control over your assets. You have the flexibility to export the token and seamlessly transfer it to another wallet as desired.

The embedded wallet simplifies the process of interacting with the brand, eliminating the need for multiple brand accounts. 

Moncler’s first NFT

Moncler's first-ever NFT was a rendition of the Moncler Maya 70 jacket, meticulously crafted by the artist Antoni Tudisco. Clients who purchased the platinum version of the Moncler Maya 70 jacket, available in limited quantities at select boutiques and on, receive this exclusive NFT as a gift. 

To claim token ownership, clients must follow the instructions provided via email after purchasing the platinum Moncler Maya 70 jacket. Additionally, clients need to be registered on and have the Moncler App installed.

The ultimate goal is to foster a direct connection between brands and users, making it easier for brands to embrace circularity and second-hand markets.

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