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Mugler: Enrich customer experience through digital product passports

Starting in September 2023, Mugler integrated a digital passport with its physical products, available for purchases in both stores and on the brand's e-commerce platform.

Mugler digital product passport

Brand description

Founded in 1974 by Thierry Mugler, Mugler has been a pioneer in avant-garde fashion. Currently under the creative direction of Casey Cadwallader. Mugler's creative vision reflects a singular view of the world. By bringing Mugler to the forefront of conversations of modern pop culture, inclusivity, expression of one’s identity, Cadwallader has cemented Mugler’s position as one of the most talked about luxury fashion brands of today. Mugler is part of the L'Oréal group.

Brand goals

So far, Mugler has a relatively small percentage of products directly sold. This sales distribution notably impacts the brand's CRM. Wholesalers primarily capture CRM data, and e-commerce serves as the primary channel for consumer data capture. However, this is limited to a specific percentage (compared to guest checkout) and solely pertains to purchase data (static information).

Until now, Mugler has seen a limited portion of its products being sold directly to consumers. This particular distribution of sales has a notable impact on the brand's CRM. The CRM data is predominantly collected by wholesalers, and the main avenue for capturing consumer data is through e-commerce. However, this process is quite limited because of guest checkout, and is focused solely on purchase data, lacking more dynamic information.

Collaborating with Arianee, the brand aims to achieve five key objectives:

1. Implement blockchain-secured proof of ownership to safeguard and authenticate products.

2. Establish connections with indirect customers by disseminating digital product passports.

3. Foster community engagement through the use of tokens.

4. Empower product owners to delve into enriched experiences, ranging from exploring product narratives to accessing new features and experiences.

5. Proactively respond to upcoming EU regulations and address the escalating demand for transparency in the market


Starting in September 2023, Mugler integrated a digital passport with its physical products, available for purchases in both stores and on the brand's e-commerce platform. Initially implemented for the Spiral Curve 01 and 02 bags, the plan is to eventually expand these digital passports to encompass other products within the brand's range.

How does it work?

  1. To obtain their digital passport, owners can effortlessly scan a QR code located inside their bag. The physical identifier or data carrier is securely sewn onto the bag, aligning with the forthcoming regulations.
  2. Subsequently, users will be directed to a dynamic product page, where they can access comprehensive information about the product, including transparency details, and preview the passport's features to bolster their confidence in the purchase. 
  3. Upon completing the purchase, users have the choice to acquire the passport by entering a 2FA identification code securely placed within the bag on a dedicated flyer. A blockchain wallet will be generated on the fly.

We use the Polygon blockchain, allowing customers the flexibility to also redeem the DPP in an alternative web3 wallet if they prefer.

How to collect your MUGLER digital product passport

Prove & transfer ownership

The wallet allows owners to generate QR codes or links to prove ownership without installing any apps. This streamlined process is especially handy at events. Transferring ownership is a breeze, requiring just two clicks, offering a link that allows the new owner to preview the passport and generate a wallet instantly.

Staying true to the interoperability ethos of the decentralized internet, our solution allows users to transfer it to any other wallet should they desire. 

A tool to track product’s lifecycle 

Backed by blockchain, these digital product passports provide a tamper-proof method for monitoring a product's lifecycle. The Arianee Protocol's Events feature enables brands to timestamp significant events, aiding in the tracking of consumer actions, community engagement, and loyalty. This valuable information can then be utilized to strategize personalized approaches for engaging and retaining these consumers effectively.

The Events feature proves especially beneficial for resale, as it provides an accurate assessment of a product's history and condition.

A new digital touchpoint

With digital passports, each bag turns into a new digital touch point, affording access to exclusive content and experiences including behind-the-scenes insights, event invitations and early access sales.

Decentralized Messaging (dMessaging) is a unique feature of the Arianee Protocol that allows brands to stay in direct contact with the owners of their tokens through wallets without relying on a third party. Mugler can use this feature to market new drops, notify users of upcoming events, provide special offers, and add more layers of utility to their products. 

Regulatory compliance

The European Commission's 2022 EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles mandates digital passports containing details on product composition, origin, and additional information like repair, maintenance, and recycling instructions. The implementation of these requirements for the digital product passport is anticipated to commence in 2026.

In summary, Mugler's foray into digital passports marks a pivotal step towards enriching customer experiences and aligning with future regulatory standards, bolstered by seamless technical integration and a wealth of benefits for its clientele.

Customer Benefit(s)

  • Proof of ownership that comes with a certificate verifying the authenticity of the bag
  • Product history: a comprehensive record of the bag’s history
  • Enhanced transparency: detailed product information in anticipation of forthcoming EU regulations
  • Access to additional services: After-sales support related to their bag and exclusive offers and experiences