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Turn each fashion piece into an engagement platform and unlock new product-based experiences  



Fulfill the growing consumer demand for transparency


Build new service-based business models around circularity


Get ready for the upcoming Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation (ESPR) in EU


Directly connect with clients and communities, regardless of how their products were bought (online/offline, brand new/secondhand, or gifted)


Respect consumer privacy and data integrity


Provide blockchain-verified information about the supply chain: Raw materials & composition, Manufacturing, Labour practices, Certifications, Transportation & logistics, and more
Disclose the environmental footprint for each product and allow consumers to cover the carbon offsets of their purchase
Timestamp all events in the product journey within the tamper-proof digital passport


Facilitate resale by providing comprehensive information about the product's authenticity, ownership history, wear and tear condition
Provide price recommendations for resale within the passport
Product information is fetched automatically when connected to resale platforms, eliminating the need for clients to fill out any forms
Establish a direct connection with the next client 


Provide detailed information on product’s composition and components for more efficient recycling sorting 
Connect consumers with artisans and designers to upcycle into new products 
Incentivize consumers who engage in recycling efforts by offering direct rewards to their accounts or wallets

Enriched services

Allow consumers to book services through the passport
Follow the progress with real-time updates and receive notifications upon completion
Provide consumers with designated pick-up or drop-off points
In the event of theft, enable lost-and-found for smoother declaration and prevent resellers from listing the product

Direct engagement 

Offer immersive narratives to engage with consumers on stories behind fashion pieces, connecting them to craftsmanship and culture
Send direct-to-passport messages without relying on any intermediaries
Reward loyal consumers with access to limited edition drops and access to exclusive events
Share product recommendations and styling tips


Collaborate with partner brands to create special packages to reward your most loyal clients
Leverage web3 interoperability to streamline the process
Expand consumer base with minimal costs
Build a loyalty program with reward levels based on customer engagement 
Privacy (passport content and production volumes)
SKU-level granularity 
API-based accessibility
Seamless integration into the brand's architecture (from ERP, PIM, to CRM)

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Display passport history

Have a comprehensive on-chain history of important events in the passports lifecycle (e.g. repair, resale). Allow users to accept/refuse new events.

Receive dMessages

Stay in direct contact with the brand and receive exclusive content or offers in decentralized messages 

Prove & transfer ownership

Generate a QR code/link (timestamped on-chain) to prove or transfer ownership of an NFT.

Access private content

As an authorized user, access private content and important information (e.g. NFT History, dMessages) 

Access brand services

Access exclusive services provided by the brand (e.g. resell, repair, recycle) from the comfort of your browser

Seamless access

Collect the passport in one click, and conveniently access it from your client account, wallet, or dApp

Lacoste: Token-gated drop through a whitelisting process on an NFT store

Lacoste deployed a token-gated drop of physical products through a whitelisting process on an NFT store.

Moncler: integrating web3 into the brand experience

In October 2022, Moncler launched three NFT operations in celebration of its 70th anniversary.