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Retain consumers with token-based memberships that come with built-in interoperability. Embrace the power of blockchain network effect to go bigger, bolder, and better!

They build on the Arianee protocol

What makes NFTs the future of loyalty?


NFTs are interoperable

You wouldn't use a payment card that only works at a single store. Or purchase a car that can only be charged at one station. So don’t confine your users within one platform. With interoperability programmed in, NFTs provide greater versatility by being readily connected to a wider ecosystem.


NFTs can be bundled

We’re as multifaceted as a disco ball, and our online identity should reflect that. In web3, users can chain all their digital credentials together to form the most honest depiction of who they are.


NFTs can contain a history

It’s such a waste when a consumer interaction goes unnoticed, just because it happens offline or out of your brand’s owned channels. With NFTs, every engagement is traceable and can be recorded on-chain.


NFTs are zero-party data

Data as you know it is out the door. Data as your consumers want it just arrived. NFTs provide zero-party data which is voluntarily shared by consumers and reflects their genuine personal preferences.

How does it work?

It only takes your consumers 2 steps and under 1 minute to be onboarded.
No personal information given.

Step 1: Scan a QR code (e.g. distributed via email or with purchase)
Step 2: Swipe to claim the digital product passport and get a wallet generated on the fly. No crypto needed.


Create enriched and dynamic digital product passports on the NFT Management Platform, easily onboard users through the Arianee Wallet or your branded wallet, and leverage our web3 toolings to deliver the most well-rounded web3 experience for your community.


To commemorate the 770th harvest, 1.252 NFTs were offered for sale, each serving as a digital membership card for the club.


IWC launched the "IWC Diamond Hand Club," a collection of 1,868 membership NFTs that continues to grow with new members who purchase limited collections and attend events.